The Cube Vet: The Best Canine Analyzer for your Money?

The Best Progesterone Test for Dogs

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Canine Progesterone testing is vital for dog breeders, and as we discussed before, can be rather expensive.

In-house testing can really save you a tremendous amount of time and money, and we believe the breeder community is really starting to take that fact to heart. (Check out our savings calculator here)

Our current offerings of the Wondfo Finecare and the Quick Scan 1000 have served the community incredibly well as In-house canine progesterone monitoring systems.

Even the Mini Vidas has proved essential for larger scale breeding operations.

Yet when we asked several of our customers what kinds of tests they still had done at the vet, the list was still substantial including t4, lipase, cortisol and many more. And these tests were still costing them a fortune. 

Our whole game-plan is to reduce the costs of lab testing for dog breeders, such as yourself. 

Enter, The Cube Vet, a product that has seen a lot of use in Europe, but little in the states. It has some can't miss features that are game changers for breeders!

Cube Vet Progesterone Analyzer

For a little background, The Cube Vet was developed in Austria and in turn has that German-esque quality of design and features, such as BMW or Audi. it is comparable to both the Wondfo Finecare, and Mini Vidas, and adds several new features to its utility belt. 

For Canine Progesterone testing, The Cube Vet has several exciting features. First, Cube Vet is extremely easy to use compared to similar analyzers. Test time is under 8 MINUTES! That is 1/2 of the Finecare and 1/8 of the Mini Vidas! This alone, makes it a great choice for breeders who are pressed for time. 

Cube Vet

The Cube only requires 1 pipetting action and a 40 ul sample for a Progesterone test! The 1 pipetting action ensures a more accurate sample by reducing chance of user error and the 40 ul sample means that you can run multiple tests with 1 blood pull! The Cube is the picture of user friendly. 

The Cube Vet is considered a clinical level analyzer, that simply means that the variance from test to test is under 10%, in other words, your testing will be extremely accurate! it is ISO certified (international's certified) and has been used in vet labs all over the world for years. Easy to use and accurate!

Cube Vet runs not only PRG but also many other popular test including; T4 (thyroid), Lipase (Pancreas Monitoring), cCRP (Inflammation), Total Bile Acid (Liver), Fructosamine ( Diabetes) Cortisol ( Stress Monitoring) AND even Bovine and Equine Progesterone! This makes the Cube Vet an incredible value and the most versatile Canine Analyzer in this price range!

With the small sample sizes, a single blood pull is usually enough to run 6 of these tests, the most common being; T4 (thyroid), Lipase (Pancreas Monitoring), cCRP (Inflammation), Total Bile Acid (Liver), Fructosamine ( Diabetes) and Progesterone. 

This is a perfect way to monitor your or your customers dogs health quickly and accurately. Simply,  run the panel of health monitoring tests and if one comes back abnormal, take your dog into the vet for a diagnosis. This may lead you to catch a health issue before it becomes a real problem, and avoid heartache. 

If you have needs including and beyond progesterone testing, the Cube is pound for pound the best analyzer for your money, allowing for true versatility for your home testing.

A fantastic canine progesterone and a full health monitoring system, the Cube Vet is an intriguing analyzer that I encourage you to take a look at. When used properly, it can bring even more of your testing in house, and save even more time and money.

Our expert, Joe, goes into more detail in the video below!

Check out the Cube Vet here!

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