Lithium Heparin Anti-Clot MicroTube 1ml (10 Ct.)

Lithium Heparin Tube Anti-Clot MicroTube 1ml

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Lithium Heparin Tube Anti-Clot MicroTube 1mL

Skip the clotting time while preparing your serum! The lithium heparin chemical additive prevents clotting, making these tubes an excellent solution for jelly-like serum!

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  • Contains lithium heparin to produce blood plasma.

  • lithium heparin chemical additive prevents clotting.

  • Fits in most micro centrifuges!

  • Excellent solution for jelly-like serum!

  • Fill with approximately 1ml of whole blood.
  • Step by step procedure!


*For Animal use only

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Shane Baker (Bloomington, US)
Excellent product

If you struggle with clotting I highly suggest you try these! They work

Thank you Shane for your review. Yes these little gems work great if you have jelly like serum problems! Small but powerful. Let us know if they is anything else we can do for you. We are always ready to serve.
Founder/Co Owner

Wayne Mckinnie (Charlotte, US)

Great product

Thank you Wayne for your review. Many of our customers agree with you on this! A supper great little product. Thanks again.

Mary Naumann (East Hampstead, US)
Game changer for FineCare Vet machine

Without this the serum would gel and be impossible to accurately pipette for progesterone tests. So, I tried it with this tube and got 20.08. Barely into the “ GO” zone. I didn’t feel sure about the result as my intact male wasn’t interested. But within hours he changed his tune and went bonkers. So I would guess it’s accurate ! I have no idea why they even suggest trying this machine without these tubes. A MUST for accuracy in my opinion.

Thank You Mary,
So glad this great little product helped! The gel problem is easily solved with these little gems asl you know. Thank you for taking the time to review this product. If you have any questions or additional needs please feel free to contact via email, chat, or by phone. We are here to serve!
thank you
CEO / MR Diagnostic Services