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Introducing the PetCount Canine Sperm Analysis Kit

A complete breeding soundness evaluation (also known as a BSE) will take into account several factors affecting a male dog’s fitness to breed. It will include a physical examination, testing for certain diseases, an examination of life history, and of course, canine sperm analysis.

Taken together, these factors will give an analytical estimation of a male dog’s fitness to produce a healthy, viable litter with a female dog.

Individually, one of the most important aspects of ensuring success is through canine semen analysis, which is now easier than ever with the PetCount Canine Sperm Analysis kit.

Why Assessing Canine Semen Quality Is Vital to Success
Breeding dogs, while rewarding, can be risky, time-consuming, resource-intensive, and expensive. Attempting natural breeding can be stressful on dogs and multiple repeated attempts can cause infections in females and increase the risk of aggressive encounters between unwilling dogs.

Even artificial insemination involves the use of chilled or frozen semen that must be stored and handled appropriately in order to ensure its viability. Uneconomical use of semen, whether fresh, chilled, or frozen is equivalent to a wasted, expensive resource.

For these reasons and others it becomes imperative to test canine semen samples before using them, in order to ensure that only the freshest, most virile samples are used in breeding attempts. Assessing canine semen quality will provide an analytical, numerical evaluation of canine sperm according to a variety of specific metrics.

Some of these metrics include concentration, which measures the number of sperm cells in a sample of semen, sperm morphology, which accounts for sperm shape and morphological abnormality, and motility, which accounts for the number of sperm in a sample that move about, instead of remaining in one place.

Expanding on sperm motility, there are other motility parameters, which account not only for whether or not a sperm cell moves, but how fast it moves, whether it moves about in a curved line or a circle, or whether it moves forward in a straight line.

One of the single most important measurements of a semen sample is its concentration of progressively motile sperm cells, which are commonly referred to as PMSCs. These sperms cells are the ones that are properly formed and not only move but move forward in a straight line. They are the most “fertile” sperm cells in a sample, and a higher number of these indicates the relative quality of a canine semen sample.

Typically, assessing a canine sperm sample required special equipment or a canine sperm analysis machine to evaluate all of these parameters, but with the new PetCount Canine Sperm Analysis kit, a semen sample’s concentration of PMSCs can be taken more easily than ever, more affordable than ever, and without the need for special equipment.

How to Use the PetCount Canine Sperm Analysis Kit
The PetCountTM Sperm Analysis Kit is exceptionally easy to use. It comes with everything you need for semen collection and testing for progressively motile sperm cells all in one kit and includes directions as well.

Before attempting to perform a test, read all of the included instructions carefully. Ensure that the contents of the kit are intact and at room temperature.

Collect a sample in one of the included collection cups. Use only a fresh sample; do not attempt to analyze frozen or chilled semen using the PetCount sperm analysis kit.

Stir your sample ten times to ensure homogeneity, then gather 0.5 ml of the sample using the included syringe. Take special care to avoid drawing any air into the syringe.

Holding the collection device horizontal, add the 0.5 ml sample from the syringe to the sample well that is marked with “1”.

Push the slider all the way closed to initiate activation. You should hear a click and the action window will display a timer with a down arrow.

Keep the device horizontal and do not disturb it. Keep time for 30 minutes while the device analyzes the sample.

After 30 minutes have elapsed, pull the slider all the way back out. You should hear a click and the action window will now display a small magnifying glass, indicating that the sample is now ready to read.

Be sure to read the sample right away - within five minutes of opening the slide. The window marked with the magnifying glass will offer a color-coded analysis of the percentage of PMSCs present in the sample. The darker the sample, the higher the concentration of PMSCs.

A dog’s semen should contain at least 210 million progressively motile sperm per milliliter, which the test will indicate with a dark, purple-blue color. A fainter purple color indicates a lower count of PMSCs.

How the PetCount Canine Sperm Analysis Kit Works
The PetCount Sperm Analysis Kit contains two chambers, between which PMSCs can move freely. The second chamber contains a dye that stains the PMSCs that come into contact with it. The higher the concentration of PMSCs, the darker the color will be when the sample is evaluated.

If the sperm count in the sampl is above 210 million PMSCs per milliliter, it is considered to be at or above the normal concentration of PMSCs for fertile dogs. Beneath that limit is considered low fertility.

Before Use, Please Note
The PetCount Sperm Analysis Kit is a single-use kit. Once used, you can dispose of the kit with normal waste.

Please store unused test kits between 2 and 30 degrees. Do not attempt to re-use a used device. Do not attempt to use an expired device.

The PetCountTM Sperm Analysis Kit offers readings up to 95% accuracy.

The Ultimate Affordable Canine Sperm Analysis Kit - No Extra Equipment Needed!
Using the highest quality canine semen is paramount to success, and with the PetCount Canine Sperm Analysis Kit, it’s affordable and easier, and more practical than ever.

Without the need for special equipment for semen evaluation, the PetCount System allows for efficient semen analysis when and as needed, even on the go.

If you have any questions about this canine sperm analysis kit, please contact us at 844-673-7378.