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Handheld Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders
Handheld Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders
Handheld Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders
Handheld Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders
Handheld Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders

Handheld Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders

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Portable Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders

Enjoy the advantages of our Handheld Ultrasound Machine! Perfect for dog breeders, this wrist-mounted design offers portability and convenience. Calculate gestational age, heart rate, and more, plus take advantage of the freeze-frame feature to get a better look and save the image. Ergonomic and compact, this battery-powered machine is ideal for breeders on the move.

  •  Innovative Wrist Mounted Design. Easily acquire ultrasound images anywhere with the Handheld Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders - all without the need for an assistant! Our battery-powered, lightweight ultrasound is designed for a single user and conveniently straps to the wrist. Plus, this device shifts seamlessly between a frequency range of 2-5 MHz and 3.5-5 MHz, with no need to switch probes!
  •  Freeze Frame Mode. This ultrasound device features the ability to pause a frame for a detailed look, zoom in, calculate dimensions, and save images for future use.
  • Calculate Gestational Age. Easily determine gestational age with step-by-step directions! Get accurate results and peace of mind - this process is simple and effective!
  •  Suitable for veterinary use. This handheld ultrasound machine is ideal for diagnosing and measuring livestock such as cattle, horses, pigs and sheep, as well as examining cats, dogs, and other small animals in the abdominal, obstetrics, and related fields.

 We also offer our 15" Touchscreen Color Doppler with FREE Professional Training from Catherine Stowell Bestselling author of "Ultrasound  in Canine Pregnancy Scanning"

A Top-Quality Dog Ultrasound Machine 

The Handheld Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders is designed to offer an incredibly detailed view of fetal puppies, enabling evaluation of their development and accurate assessment of their litter's health. Featuring advanced technology like wide dynamic range and low-noise pre-amplifier as well as technology such as logarithm compression, dynamic filter, and edge enhance. This ergonomic device allows a closer, clearer picture of puppies’ progress.

Beyond breeding, this portable machine is also a useful tool for assessing health prior to breeding attempts and can be applied to other animals like horses, sheep, pigs, and cattle, as well as cats and dogs. Moreover, this veterinary ultrasound system facilitates non-invasive techniques to assess the health of organs like the liver and kidneys for stress management.


See it in action! [Video]


Click here for PDF manual!



  • 3.5-inch high-resolution color TFT LCD, 640 x 480 pixels. 256 grayscale levels. 


  • Multi-frequency mechanical sector probe


  • 2.5/3.5/5.0 MHz


  • Maximum 160 mm

Scan Angle:

  • 78 degrees

    Built-In Memory:

    • 128 frames

    Common Measurements:

    • Area, Volume, Heart Rate, Gestational Age

    Scanning Modes:

    B Mode, M Mode

    Other Features:

    Magnification, Image name annotation. Color contrast setting, 


      • 1 year replacement warranty

      AC Adapter:

      • 110V-240V, 50/60Hz


      • Internal Lithium-ion battery pack
      • More than 4 hours of continuous working time
      • Fully charges batteries in 2.5 hours (75% charge in 1 hour)


      • 0.8lb
      What's included:

      HOEK Ultrasound Gel Pulse 50x (8.5oz)

      Animal Ultrasound Wrist Scanner and Probe

      Ultrasound For Canine Pregnancy Scanning Book


      Carry Case

      USA-Based Operations: 

      Ships directly from the USA, ensuring prompt delivery and reliable service. Dedicated customer support based in the USA, providing assistance and expertise whenever you need it. Backed by a confidence-boosting 1-year replacement warranty for added peace of mind.

      Customer Reviews

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      Sandiiiiiiiiii (El Cajon, US)
      Easy to use! Quality Ultrasound Unit. Affordable. Portable.

      I am thrilled with the performance of this portable ultrasound unit.
      Right out of the box -- everything I needed is included! I was up and running in minutes.
      The manual is clearly written and includes notes for usage in different farm animals. I can check the goats! Or, the horse!
      The included ultrasound book by Catherine Stowell reviews techniques specifically geared toward ultrasounding canines.
      This little powerhouse of a unit goes for hours on a single charge. Thank you CanineP4 for offering a quality ultrasound at an affordable price.

      Thank you Sandi for your review. So glad this little gem makes your work easier and at a good price. If you need anything else please just let us know.
      Joe CEO