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Total Needle Syringe Blood draw kit (10 ct.) (23 gauge)
Total Needle Syringe Blood draw kit (10 ct.) (23 gauge)

Total Canine Blood Draw kit (10 ct.)

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Dog Blood Draw Kit

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Drawing blood is hard enough, and buying everything separately is tedious, it can be hard to be sure if you are buying the right product. Not only do you need syringes, but also tourniquets, bandages, collection cups, and more. Now, get everything you need in one single product!


Make your next blood draw easier than ever with the Total Canine Care Blood Draw Kit. This includes everything you could possibly need to confidently draw canine blood, from the needle syringes to a step-by-step blood draw guide, this kit has you covered.


All products have been carefully chosen and are the right tools for the job. Select the best variant based on your dogs size; 21g, 23g, or 25g. 


"This kit includes everything you need to draw dog blood, except the dog!"

Tyler Drees, Canine P4 Customer Success Manager


What's included

Syringe Needles (3ml) (10x) - Select the best variant for you; 21g, 23g, or 25g. 

Centrifuge tubes (10x)

Alcohol Prep Wipes (10x)

Antibiotic Ointment Packets (2x)

Self Adhesive Bandage (1x)

Elastic Tourniquet (1x)

Lithium Heparin Screw Cap Tubes (5x)

Step-by-step manual (1x)

Free Bonus: Battle Jelly-Like Serum

Be prepared for anything. Even when you prep your blood sample with care and attention, sometimes there are still problems, one of those common problems is "jelly like" serum. "Jelly like" serum can cause erratic results and can be difficult to remedy. 

Well, no worries! The "jelly like" serum battling Lithium heparin tubes are included with this package! If you ever notice "jelly like" serum, you can remedy it in no time.

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Customer Reviews

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James Roberts (Washington, US)
Blood Draw

Exactly what’s needed to make draw easier

Thank you James for your kind review. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else. if you have suggestions for additional products that would help you let us know! We are here to serve.
Founder/Co Owner

Benjamin Anderson (Plainfield, US)
Must have Blood draw kits

These kits are a must have for diy blood draw or progesterone testing. They are my go to kit!