Breed as nature intended, with the new Reusable Natural Tie Artificial Insemination Kit For Dogs
AI Artificial Insemination Dog Breeding Kit
AI Artificial Insemination Dog Breeding Kit
AI Artificial Insemination Dog Breeding Kit
AI Artificial Insemination Dog Breeding Kit
AI Artificial Insemination Dog Breeding Kit
AI Artificial Insemination Dog Breeding Kit

AI Kit for Dogs

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AI Kit for Dogs 10ct

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Introducing Total Canine Care's™ AI Kit for dogs. All you need for simple AI breeding. Enjoy unprecedented freedom to choose perfect canine mates and control breeding.


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Benefits of the Total Canine Care™ Artificial Insemination Breeding Kit:

  • Enhanced Breeding Precision:  Embrace the accuracy of artificial insemination. This kit equips you with all the essential tools required to perform a successful insemination. 

  • Expanded Breeding Possibilities: With artificial insemination, you gain the flexibility to breed your dogs with mates from anywhere in the world, expanding your breeding possibilities exponentially. Now you can partner with top-tier studs or rare bloodlines, revolutionizing your breeding program.

  • Minimized Risks: The Total Canine Care™ Kit is designed to prioritize safety for both the breeder and the dogs involved. The high-quality, semen-safe 20mL barrel syringe and disposable AI catheter tube reduce the risk of infection or contamination during the insemination process.

  • Easy-to-Use: This kit is perfect for both seasoned breeders and those new to artificial insemination. With an instruction manual included, you can confidently perform artificial insemination without any hassle.

  • Cost-Effective: Traditional breeding methods often incur significant expenses due to travel, boarding, and handling fees. By using our AI Artificial Insemination Breeding Kit, you can minimize these costs and invest more in the health and well-being of your canines.

  • Timesaving: Our kit streamlines the entire insemination process, saving you precious time and energy. Spend less time on logistics and more time focusing on the welfare of your breeding dogs.


Embrace the future of dog breeding with the Total Canine Care™ Artificial Insemination Breeding Kit. Transform the way you breed your dogs and experience the benefits of artificial insemination today! Achieve breeding precision, expand your breeding possibilities, and ensure the well-being of your dogs throughout the process. Order now and witness the positive impact on your breeding program.


What's Included in the Total Canine Care™ Artificial Insemination Breeding Kit:
  • (10) Plastic Semen-Safe 20mL Barrel Syringe: Each syringe is crafted with precision to ensure the safe and efficient collection and insemination of semen.

  • (10) AI Catheter Disposable Tube (5.75 in, 7.75 in or 11.375 in): These high-quality disposable catheters are designed for single use, guaranteeing a sanitary and risk-free insemination process.

  • (12) Nitrile Gloves: Keep your hands clean and protected during the procedure with these durable nitrile gloves, ensuring a hygienic breeding environment.

  • (10) Canine Lubrication Jelly Packet (5g): The lubrication jelly helps facilitate smooth and comfortable insemination, ensuring the process is stress-free for your dogs.

  • (1) Instruction Manual: A comprehensive guide to walk you through the insemination process, making it easy for breeders of all levels of experience.

Why Breeders Choose Artificial Insemination

Using artificial insemination (AI) offers several advantages to dog breeders, making it an increasingly popular choice in the breeding community. Here are some key reasons why a dog breeder should consider using artificial insemination:

  • Expanded Breeding Possibilities: AI allows breeders to access a wider pool of potential mates for their dogs. They can breed with studs located in different regions or even in other countries, giving them access to superior genetics and rare bloodlines that may not be locally available.

  • Preservation of Genetics: AI enables breeders to preserve the genetic material of exceptional dogs, even after they have passed away or are no longer available for natural breeding. This allows breeders to continue valuable lines and prevent the loss of valuable genetic traits.

  • Controlled Breeding Process: Artificial insemination offers more control over the breeding process. Breeders can precisely time the insemination to increase the chances of conception, which is particularly beneficial for dogs with irregular heat cycles.

  • Minimized Travel Stress: With AI, there is no need to transport the female dog to the stud's location, which can be stressful for both the dog and the breeder. Instead, the semen can be shipped or delivered to the breeder's location.

  • Reduced Risk of Disease Transmission: Natural breeding can carry the risk of transmitting certain diseases and infections between dogs. AI minimizes this risk as there is no direct contact between the dogs during mating.

  • Increased Safety for Valuable Dogs: For valuable or high-demand dogs, natural breeding may pose some risks, such as injuries during mating. AI eliminates the risk of physical harm during mating.

  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: Artificial insemination is a quick and efficient process, allowing breeders to handle multiple breedings in a short period. It saves time, effort, and resources in managing the breeding program.

  • Easier to Handle Semen Storage: AI allows breeders to store and transport semen more easily than live dogs, especially when dealing with frozen semen. This facilitates long-term semen storage and enables strategic breeding decisions.

  • Favorable for Shy or Inexperienced Dogs: Some dogs may not be suitable for natural breeding due to shyness or inexperience. AI provides a non-invasive alternative, ensuring successful breeding without unnecessary stress.

  • Improved Breeding Success Rates: AI offers better control over various factors influencing breeding success, leading to higher conception rates and improved litter sizes.


While natural breeding remains a valid option for many breeders, AI provides an array of benefits that can significantly enhance a breeding program's success and potential. It is essential for dog breeders to consider their specific circumstances and consult with a veterinarian or experienced AI specialist to determine the best approach for their breeding goals.


Click here for PDF instructions. 

AI Instructions for Total Canine Care Artificial Insemination Breeding Kit

Total Semen Volume Per Collection: The total semen volume per collection varies based on the size of the breed, collection frequency, fractions collected, and male reproductive health. The sperm-rich fraction can range from 0.5-10mL per collection.

  • Dogs weighing <20 lbs: Collect 5mL
  • Dogs weighing 20-55 lbs: Collect 10-15 mL
  • Dogs weighing 55-110 lbs: Collect 20-30 mL

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Use Instructions:

  1. Collect Semen:

    • Use our semen collection kit to collect semen in a clean, sterile cup or tube.
    • Gather a minimum of 5mL raw semen or a total extended volume of 10mL.
    • Collect the sperm-rich fraction (thick, creamy, and white) and discard the clear prostatic fluid (clear and watery) and pre-ejaculate fractions.
    • Allow semen to sit for 10-15 minutes to liquefy, or centrifuge under low speeds to create a dense sperm bead.
    • The use of a teaser bitch may aid in collection and male inclination.
  2. Mix with Extender:

    • Mix the collected semen with an extender at similar temperatures and at your preferred or manufacturer-recommended ratio.
    • We recommend CaniPlus AI. Avoid using water or rubber products, as they can damage or kill sperm cells.

Optional: Perform Semen Analysis: Analyze the semen to determine the concentration of raw semen.

  1. Prepare the Syringe:

    • Depress the syringe to the bottom position, then insert it into the semen sample.
    • Draw up semen slowly and gently into the syringe.
    • Ensure the syringe is in the open extended position with your desired amount of semen + extender mix in it.
    • Use all plastic semen-safe syringes (as included with your kit) for the semen; do not use syringes with rubber stoppers.
  2. Lubricate the AI Tube:

    • Lightly lubricate the AI tube with the included single-use HR semen-safe lubricant jelly.
    • Avoid getting the gel on the openings at the end of the straw to avoid impeding sperm movement.
  3. Attach the AI Tube:

    • Secure the AI tube to the tip of the syringe.
  4. Secure the Animal:

    • Secure the female animal, with her hind end elevated.
  5. Insert the AI Tube:

    • Gently insert the AI tube, moving upwards at first and then horizontally.
    • If you feel resistance, do not force the tube any further, and back it out at least ½ inch before depositing semen.
    • Avoid entering the urethral opening at the 6 o’clock position.
  6. Deposit the Semen:

    • Gently depress the syringe and deposit the semen. About 10-20% of the total volume will remain in the tube.
    • To deposit the residual semen in the tube, briefly remove the syringe from the catheter, pull it back, then reattach it and use air in the syringe to move the rest of the semen.
    • Avoid forcing excess air into the vagina and use enough air to deposit the remainder of the semen in the tube.
    • Remove the catheter once complete.
  7. Mimic a Tie:

    • Mimic a tie using your finger or some other form of artificial penis.
  8. Allow Semen to Travel:

    • Allow the semen to travel and be contracted into the uterus for approximately 10 minutes.
    • A slight decline of the animal is recommended to aid the sperm in moving past the vaginal canal and into the uterus.

Recommended Sperm Measurements: For best results, your sperm sample is recommended to have the below-listed parameters or better:

  1. 70% or greater forward progressive motility
  2. 90% or greater normal morphology
  3. 200 million total motile, healthy sperm per insemination
  4. 300 million to 2 billion total sperm count per ejaculation

For example, if you have raw counts of 300M/mL, and dilute 1:3 parts with extender, your extended concentration is 75M/mL. A total extended semen volume of 10 mL would contain 750M total sperm cells.

For more information and resources, check out the links below:

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Breeding dogs has never been easier with our Total Canine Care Artificial Insemination Breeding Kit. Try it out and unlock a whole new level of breeding possibilities!

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