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Save time and money with in-house testing.

Testing canine progesterone in-house can save you thousands. Great prices, fast shipping, a dedicated support staff, and innovative products, Canine P4 is your one stop shop for breeding technology. Call us at 844-673-7378!

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CUBE-VET - Available Now

Looking for the best canine hormone analyzer? Look no further than the CUBE-VET.

One of the most important parts of dog breeding is timing, and the CUBE-VET makes that a breeze with incredibly accurate p4 testing that only takes 8 minutes. This is the machine your vet wishes they had.

Customer Reviews

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E. (Groveland, US)
Cube Vet Progesterone test

Just started to use it. As of now it seems to be close to the mini vitus reading. just under the mini vitus numbers. Will keep doing the test to know for sure.

Jialin Liao (Tecumseh, CA)
Happy with the machine

The delivery was a pain. It was on the way for a whole week, and the kits was warm I got the package. I can’t blame CanineP4, cuz the thing was in my local post station for 5 days🙄. Machine is very easy to use, custom service is great. Not sure if the results were still valid but it did give me different results. Will see.

CandyvillePups (Springfield, CA)
Great product, Excellent service!

The team at Mr. Diagnostics have been super helpful in our research and in our decision to purchase the Cube Vet. When we ran into some issues using the Cube Vet, they were very courteous in their help on the phone, and prompt in sending out a replacement unit. Excellent service, knowledgeable staff- highly recommended!
The Cube Vet is super easy to use, accurate, and well worth the investment. A litter of 10 beautiful Cocker Retriever pups after the first use.

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Training Center

When you invest in a new Progesterone Testing Analyzer from CanineP4™, we provide you an online Video Training Portal you can access at anytime. We are here to Serve!

Together we have well over 40 years of technical experience and most importantly is we love to make things work! We are here to serve! We have set up this training site to cover most all of the questions we get from our customers. If however you still have questions feel free to contact us via phone or email. Use the “Contact us” link above for more details.

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Canine Corner

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Doing your own testing is a big step. There is a lot to learn. We are with you every step of the way with training videos and a dedicated support team Hit the ground running with the help you need.

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