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The road to successful dog breeding does not begin or end with the delivery of a litter. Breeders still need to take special care to ensure that they are seeing to the health, comfort, and happiness of the young pups and their mother. Among the many puppy care and dog breeding supplies that you should have on hand as a conscientious dog breeder are a dedicated scale and an incubator for dogs.

Weighing your newborn pups every day to ensure that they are gaining weight is vital. A puppy that isn’t gaining weight should be cause for concern, and a lack of weight gain may be a sign of a serious underlying problem. Use an accurate scale and keep daily records of individual puppy progress.

A puppy incubator is another highly valuable puppy care essential. During the first few weeks of life, puppies are exceedingly susceptible to thermal stress, particularly hypothermia. It can be dangerous for any dog but deadly to a puppy. Hypothermia can immunocompromise newborn puppies and result in digestive complications, on top of other known issues.

Keeping newborn puppies warm at the proper body temperature is crucial during their first few weeks of life and it is even more vital for premature puppies and any pups that are rejected from the litter, such as runts, as these are at heightened risk. Be better prepared with these puppy care essentials and keep some of our other wellness and testing care kits on hand as well.