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Collection: Canine Progesterone Analyzers

Accurate Testing: Progesterone Machines for Dogs
Progesterone is a hormone produced by the corpus luteum in the female dog, which helps to regulate ovulation and prepare the dog’s body to support a fertilized egg. As progesterone increases in the blood, it triggers the dog’s body to release an ovum, simultaneously thickening the endometrium in anticipation of pregnancy.

Consequently, testing progesterone levels in the blood can help dog breeders identify the most fertile period when breeding or artificial insemination should be attempted, saving time and money. Our progesterone machines for dogs make testing easy, practical, and most importantly, accurate. Testing can help breeders and veterinarians increase the chances of a successful pregnancy and potentially maximize litter size. 

Improve Success Rates, Maximize Litter Sizes, and More
The use of dog progesterone testing machines can offer a large number of benefits to prospective dog breeders, including: 

  • You can perform testing in House, resulting in fewer vet trips for testing, lowering the cost per test.
  • Time savings: Our test kits and machines are easy to use.
  • Many are Low maintenance and require no calibration prior to use.
  • CanineP4.com has the best replacement warranties in the business!
  • Exclusive Two-year Replacement Warranties with Professional support via Phone, chat, and Email! 

Furthermore, the practice of progesterone testing can also minimize stress on dogs during natural breeding and minimize the risk of infections or stress resulting from several breeding attempts. It can also help pinpoint the most fertile period, reducing the waste of expensive chilled or frozen semen. Accurate progesterone testing to identify the peak fertile period also serves as a safeguard for litter health and may be able to help breeders maximize litter size. You can learn more about each of our canine progesterone testing machines on our product pages above, but feel free to contact us at 844-673-7378 if you have any questions! With decades of equipment experience and engineer-level support personal we have the answers YOU need! 

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