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5 Kits and Tools for Successful Canine Artificial Insemination

Canine ovulation tests

When you are a dog breeder, you know that there are plenty of issues that can arise in order to impede the success of insemination. You want to increase your chances of impregnation in any way possible to not only save yourself time and money but also to lead to the least amount of stress for the bitch.

That is precisely what we aim to do here at Canine P4. We proudly supply dog breeders with all the right and most efficient tools in order to make the process of canine breeding far easier, more convenient, and less stressful, ultimately leading to drastically increased chances of success.

To properly inform all of our dog breeders, we have compiled this list of the five most helpful kits and tools for successful canine artificial insemination.

1.Canine Ovulation Test
The time period in which a female dog is the most fertile is during ovulation. On “Day 0,” the Luteinizing hormone surges. The surge of the Luteinizing hormone (LH) directly triggers ovulation in dogs.

Ovulation begins roughly 48 hours after the LH surge. However, this particular increase in the LH varies in time, anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. If you aren’t closely investigating this hormone’s spike enough, you might miss it and, in turn, the ovulation period.

However, there is a way for a breeder to detect when this most fertile timeframe is: by using a canine ovulation test. Canine ovulation tests work by detecting the progesterone levels in the bitch.

This is because the progesterone hormone is drastically affected by the LH spike. Before that increase, progesterone is leveled. During the surge of LH, the progesterone hormone is in the 4-8 nanograms-per-milliliter range. During the highest peak of ovulation, which is the most fertile period, progesterone is above 20 nanograms per milliliter (often 30-40 ng/ml).

This is precisely what a canine ovulation test can measure for dog breeders, leading to them being able to properly time the insemination process. There are some other telltale physical signs, such as genital softening and a red discharge, but these signs aren’t always apparent.

Using a canine ovulation test will eliminate any worries and will provide a more accurate answer to the question of “when.” They work by providing breeders with numerical results that they can depend on, especially when paired with observations of the bitch’s behavior.

There are countless canine ovulation tests available in our offerings, so be sure to view our ovulation test buying guide.

2.Sperm Analysis Kit
While it is important to closely monitor the bitch to see when the optimal time for inception is, you also should pay very close attention to the sire. Opting for sperm analysis is ideal for both artificial and natural insemination processes.

Before even attempting at impregnating a bitch, a breeder should ensure there is ideal sperm motility and even quality. However, the right sperm analysis kits can provide these metrics while also providing others that are extremely important to consider as well, such as path straightness, curvilinear velocity, and progressive motility.

By closely investigating either fresh or chilled sperm using one of these kits, breeders will have a significantly clearer idea of if it will lead to healthier litters while decreasing the likelihood of unsuccessful attempts.

For one example, our Canine Semen Analysis Duel Screen and Binocular Microscope Kit allow breeders to study dog sperm and all the specifics needed up close for proper selection or elimination in the sperm selection process. We also have less-intensive yet still informative options, such as the Canine Sperm Analysis Home Test.

3.Wellness and Disease Testing Kits

Canine ovulation tests

When you are planning on breeding dogs, you naturally desire to have the end result being the strongest and healthiest of litters. To make sure that happens, other preliminary tests could bode exceptionally well to use before any attempts.

Wellness and disease testing kits are prime examples of such preliminary tests. This is because these test for a variety of diseases or other ailments that have befallen the canines. We have a variety of such tests, including:

●Brucellosis Tests for Dogs

●Lyme Disease Antibody Tests

●Heartworm Rapid Tests

●Giardiasis Tests

●Distemper/Parvovirus Dual Test Kits

●Tick-Borne Illness and Disease Panels

●Toxoplasmosis Test Kits

We also have urine and stool analysis tests available. Our dog urine test is a semi-automatic analyzer that comes with a printer and tests. It tests for 14 parameters, such as pH, blood cells, leukocytes, protein levels, and much more. Our fecal sample microscope analysis tests for parasites by enriching parasitic eggs in the stool.

4.Culture Media for Thawing and AI

Canine ovulation tests

When it comes to artificial insemination, semen needs to be kept safe from expiring during transportation. That is why efficiently having tools for cooling, thawing, and freezing semen are so vital to have available, but this is especially true for culture media for thawing and AI uses.

Semen does not last very long once it is ejaculated and is in the fresh air. That is precisely why we have several options for protecting the semen, like with our culture mediums for thawing and artificial insemination. These protect the sperm cells during transportation and maintain 70% motility during storage/transport.

5.Dog Pregnancy Detector
After all these precautions have been taken, all these tests have passed with flying colors, and the AI process has finished, now is time to stay patient. Then, when the right time comes, you should utilize the dog pregnancy detector to find if the bitch is indeed pregnant after all.

The detector locates the amniotic fluid in the uterus using ultrasonic wave reflection. It allows breeders to know faster and sooner if/when the bitch is pregnant so that proper care can be taken, along with other pregnancy measures.

When it comes to dog breeding, the process is never easy and requires a ton of patience, perseverance, and care. In order to increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy for AI, be sure to take the right precautions by utilizing the advantages from the above five tests for optimal breeding.