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Customer Reviews

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Brucellosis Test for Dogs (10ct)
Angel Spencerman (Bourbon, US)

Love how affordable this test is and how quick it is.

Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone
L.W. (Charlotte, US)
Progesterone machine

Used the machine for my english Bulldog breeding . 5 times , The results were some accurate compared to my vets results .

Brilliant bit of kit

This machine does just what is supposed to do. As breeders it will save us thousands of dollars in vet fees.

Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle- Recertified
Elizabeth Sharp (Fayetteville, US)
Finecare progesterone machine refurbished

Works nicely. Glad I got it!

Vcheck V200 Bionote
Jose Calidonio (Houston, US)

This was so easy and effective really appreciate yall! I definitely recommend them!🙏🥃

Finecare Vet 10 Test Progesterone Kits
Peterpaul Suguitan (Grand Junction, US)
Test kits

Very reliable and always on time deliveries

Pregnancy Test for dogs (10ct)
Stacey Ignagni (Bloomfield Hills, US)
Super Product

Great product and fast delivery. Highly recommend this company and all their products.

Progesterone Test Kit - Cube Vet
Joby Boyer BullyzOnDeck (Baton Rouge, US)
Pg tests

Great deli ery time and great customer service. I order pretty often and feel I'm always a priority send taken care of!

V200 Progesterone Test Kit (10ct)
Sharon Carmichael (Moore, US)
Excellent results.

We love the V200 and have had 100% Breeding success since using.

Progesterone Test Kit - Cube Vet
Melia Vinduska (Dallas, US)
Great, accurate and so easy!

Like all of your products, this is our second box of progesterone tests and 95%of them put our females in target breeding range..and with the ease, safety and comfort in our own kennel❤️! Best thing I ever got for myself!

Finecare Vet 10 Test Progesterone Kits
Karla Stucker (Omak, US)
Finecare Progesterone tests

These have been reliable tests. I have been using them for a few years now. Good price at too

PetCount™ Canine Sperm Analysis Home Test
Courtney Shambo (Andreas, US)
Easy to use

This was really easy to use. So far we’ve only used it to test a count, but once mating occurs we’re hopeful that things are looking good.

Finecare Vet 10 Test Progesterone Kits
Cori Wallace (Chesapeake, US)
Finecare Progesterone

I love my FineCare Progesterone machine! So convenient for AI timing on my Frenchie girls! are amazing! Ive ordered new test kits at least 3 times and they always come in a timely manner!!

Great sound

Wow it was so great to be able to hear the puppies heart beat 💓 so clear I was even able to know how many puppies she was having

Affordable & Reliable

We have had excellent success and accuracy with our Finecare machine. After a year of use we have had 100% breeding success in timing our litters and planning stud services. This machine has undoubtedly paid for itself over and over and is very user friendly.

iSperm Portable Semen Analysis System
Valerie Mitchem (Colbert, US)
Excellent Resource for Stud Owners

As a breeder offering stud service with a variety of boys (I have ten studs), this is AMAZING for me. I can perform a semen analysis with every shipment and that makes my buyers happy. Moreover, the tracking and cloud based system is perfect for monitoring my boy's health. I highly recommend to any program looking to up their stud business.

Quick Scan 1000 Progesterone Test Kit (20ct)
Dennis Stepter (Millington, US)
Very Reliable

I've used my quickscan progesterone tests with thee successful breedings so far, very accurate, even compared results with the vet the first time.

Progesterone Test Kit - Cube Vet
Amy Simas (Vacaville, US)
Good quality

I have had my cube vet machine for a few months now so far so good.

Quick Scan 1000 Premier Bundle
Lucas Stevens (Orlando, US)
The best machine I've used so far.

Machine is very easy to use when you've sat down and watched the training videos. Definitely satisfied with my decision and giving thanks to the support team

Pregnancy Test for dogs (10ct)
Matthew Travis (Portsmouth, US)
Pregnancy test

Great to have, quick results to see if breeding took. Great shelf life!!!

Vcheck V200-V2400 NT-pro BNP Test Kit (5ct)
Linda Vinson (Caledonia, US)
Fast and East ProBNP results!

I ordered the V200 because of the flexible options of tests you can run.
I did my 1st Pro BNP today... 1st one was my error in following directions but if you do it as explained it is very fast and easy.
15 minutes and out pops the results. 516.3 and that is in the good range. I have dobermans so this will be done yearly for all my dogs and more often when they get older.

V200 Progesterone Test Kit (10ct)
McKenna Vance (Orlando, US)

Fast delivery and product works great!


Great customer service and training veery helpful in all my questions

Semen microscope

Easy to use great product.

Canine Giardia Test Kit (10ct)
Karla Stucker (Tonasket, US)
Giardia tests

So tired of fighting the unknown. This product will help me decide what to treat for.