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Vcheck V200 Bionote Bundle - Recertified
Foochee Line Bullies (Council Bluffs, US)

Man this product was put to use immediately after receiving and man! Its very user friendly, quick, fluent and accurate! The staff here was more than helpful like always and appreciate them for their diversity in products that they carry… I would highly recommend this product for anyone like me who likes to go against the grain and not buy whatever the popular demand seems to be because that’s when you miss a diamond 💎 in the rough like this one lol

These are awesome for tci’s on dogs

Brucellosis Test for Dogs
Caren Penso (Reston, US)
Convenience at a great price

Very reasonably priced with a one year shelf life. Product arrived less than 5 days after order placed. Shipping was a bit pricey, so make sure you order in quantity.

Finecare Vet 10 Test Progesterone Kits
David Filipetti (Atlanta, US)

I really like the test it helps our breeding program out alot

Parvo Test Kit Canine
Jackie Harrington (Manor, US)
Actuate and verified against vet results

This test is amazing especially if you board other digs , broker dogs and want to ensure they are healthy before adding them to your Henkel population or make sure they aren’t sick. parvovirus in puppies is deadly , catching it in time can mean the difference between life and death

Semen extender

The semen extender has not been used yet but am very happy with the purchase

Cube Vet Printer Paper Roll
E. (Groveland, US)
Printer paper roll

We ran out and they sent the correct size and sent with the other orders quick.

Pregnancy Test for dogs
Coty (Newaygo, US)
Great Product

Super easy to use, very quick results. Will use again and would recommend.

Canine Giardia Test Kit
Bethany Manteufel (Chicago, US)
Does what it's supposed to

I'm caring for almost a dozen dogs and needed a cost-effective way to test for giardia. These tests came quickly and did what they're supposed to - I found out which of the dogs had giardia and which didn't. The test was incredibly easy to use. I'd recommend these for anyone willing to collect samples and looking to save some money over going to the vet.

Quick Scan 1000 Progesterone Test Kit (20ct)
Double Doodles (Charlotte, US)

Very pleased with product and timely delivery.

Finecare Vet 10 Test Progesterone Kits
christina schweter (Kokomo, US)
Progesterone, customer service

The progesterone kits are great and shipping is fast. But the best part is the customer service. I’ve called a couple of times with questions and they have been very kind to take their time to answer my questions. Great job.

Dog Semen Tube Warmer/Thawer
Ricky Branch (Wake Forest, US)
Semen Warmer

This warmer has elevated my breeding service to a new level. Just the short time I have had it I have did 30 breedings for clients that had chilled and frozen semen. The product works great and insure that the semen is warmed to the correct temperature. Great Buy

Belly labs pregnancy test

First time using this product. It was very easy to do with one person. Didn't hurt my girl at all. Very fast on how the test filled.
We do see a faint line and reading information on paperwork it states if you see any form of line in the tea line it is positive but it is very faint but do you guys think..
Hope she is pregnant we tested on the 33 day. With this we will see what the vet says on Monday.

Enjoyed the product it was very nice to be able to do it at home and knowing that your dog is comfortable.

Must have

This machine is so easy to use. We absolutely love it. We can do it at home now ourselves instead of taking our females out and paying someone else to do for us.. this is a must have for all breeders!!!

Great Service

Tests arrived quickly and were still cool in their cold pack. Excellent service. Thank you.

Arrived promptly

Arrived quick and everything looked good.

Finecare Vet 10 Test Progesterone Kits
Anonymous (Philadelphia, US)
Very helpful with breeding

Helped with when to breed. Helps with dogs that are difficult to breed

Machine works perfect and already helping us like everything up when the time comes!

V200 Progesterone Test Kit (10ct)
RayNMare (New Bern, US)

Arrived fast still extremely cold. This is what we need for our progesterone teating

V200 Progesterone Test Kit (10ct)
Ashley Zeller (Warren, US)
Works well

Does what is needed.

0.5-10 ul Pipettor Tips-1 Rack (96 tip ct)
Melissa Lingk (Houston, US)
Great product

It wourks amazing

V200 Progesterone Test Kit (10ct)
Melissa Chapel (Evans, US)

Perfect results every time

V200 Progesterone Test Kit (10ct)
Rahkeen Evans (Cincinnati, US)
Progesterone test

Great product works amazing

Excellent service

We absolutely love the finecare progesterone machine

Finecare Vet 10 Test Progesterone Kits
Allison Snyder (Greensburg, US)

So reliable and accurate! Thank you CanineP4! Highly recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️