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Bellylabs® Pregnancy Test for Dogs
Bellylabs® Pregnancy Test for Dogs
Bellylabs® Pregnancy Test for Dogs
Bellylabs® Pregnancy Test for Dogs
Bellylabs® Pregnancy Test for Dogs
Bellylabs® Pregnancy Test for Dogs
Bellylabs® Pregnancy Test for Dogs

Bellylabs® Pregnancy Test for Dogs

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Bellylabs® Pregnancy Test for Dogs (1ct) 

At-home Professional Pregnancy Tests for dogs without the need for a needle draw!

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The good folks at Bellylabs® want to make life easier for both you and your dog. The new dog pregnancy home test is the result of several years of research, work, and innovation together with leading experts, veterinarians, and breeders.

The Bellylab® Pregnancy test for dogs is a completely new way of detecting dog pregnancy. The test is performed from a small droplet of blood, that is easily obtained with a quick snap. The process is so easy, and stress-free for you and your dog! the quick snap tool only takes a moment to get you all the samples you will need for a professional test at home! No need to draw blood with a needle!! We love that and you will too!



Test Kit Contains:

  • Bellylabs® Instructions for use Single use device.
  • 2 safety lancets
  • Buffer tube
  • Test cassette (foil packaging)
  • Test package with a convenient cut out to hold the buffer tube

bellylabs pregnancy test for dogs

Benefits of the Bellylabs® Pregnancy test for dogs:

  • Super convenient. Everything you need is in the box!
  • Reliable. Professional testing proves the 96% accuracy rate.
  • Fast. Testing is fast, safe, easy, and stress-free! Results in 10 minutes!
  • No need to draw blood with a needle. Just one quick painless prick! So Easy!
  • Long 18 expiration dates with storage at normal room temperature!

The Bellylabs® Pregnancy test for dogs contains everything you need to perform the test at home. The test has a long shelf life of 18 months from the manufacture date. The long shelf life and the fact that the test kits can be stored at normal room temperature makes the Bellylabs® Pregnancy test for dogs so easy and highly dependable. You will love how easy it is to get a professional result at home in just a few minutes!

How to perform a test with the Bellylabs® Pregnancy test for dogs

We are always here to help!

MR Diagnostic Services the parent company of™ is Primarily a Service company. That means we have all the Tech support, test kits, and supplies you will need to Profit and Save on Your professional canine testing and support needs! We got you covered with phone, email, training videos/portal, chat, and message! No one takes customer support more seriously than the engineers at™! 844-673-7378

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
R.D. (Boise, US)
Great Customer Care

I had been seeing ads for the CanineP4 products for some time on Facebook and I did some looking into their products. I purchased one of their pregnancy tests and received it so I could do a pregnancy test for my currently expecting female lab. to my dismay the test had leaked out the fluid. I notified CanineP4 and they immediately sent out a replacement test. I have to say that their customer care and response has been wonderful and I plan on doing business with them in the future to purchase equipment for progesterone testing my females for timing. Great Job at CanineP4.

Stephanie Brooks (Pompano Beach, US)
Easy to use and reliable

I have used this test on three different bitches. And so far the tests have been 100% correct. Will be buying more as needed.

Tanya Jenson (Edgerton, US)
Great improvement in home testing

What a great improvement on at home canine pregnancy testing. No more having to draw blood and separate the plasma. Easy instructions and easy procedure. Quick, accurate results. Shipping was lightning fast!

Angie (Brantford, CA)
Hoax test

I ordered two tests and the delivery was very quick and we were excited to try the tests. We tried one and the T line was very faint but you could see it. So 5 days later we did the second one. Again positive. Went to the vet and not pregnant! Sad for us!

Hello Angie,

Thank you for the feedback. We apologize your experience was below expectations. I would like to discuss the matter further and come to a solution for you. Please let us know when would be a good time to reach out. Our phone number is 844-673-7378. I look forward to speaking with you and solving this situation to your liking!

Thank you Angie,

CanineP4 Support

Melissa (Chicago, US)
Accurate pregnancy test!

I never witnessed a tie between my boxers and wasn't sure if my female was pregnant or was having a phantom pregnancy. I ordered this and it showed she was pregnant! Ended up with a healthy litter of 9!