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Canine Sperm Analysis
Canine Sperm Analysis
Canine Sperm Analysis

PetCount™ Canine Sperm Analysis Home Test

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PetCount™ Canine Sperm Analysis (1ct) 

Test your dog's Sperm Quality at Home!

Missing a litter can cost thousands. Checking the dog's semen quality beforehand is an easy way to reduce missed litters, and it's never been easier testing at home with the PetCount Canine Sperm Analysis Test! Great price and easy to use.

PetCount™ is a pre-screening home test for measuring a dogs' sperm quality and measures the concentration of Progressive Motile Sperm Cells per mL in its ejaculate, which are the only sperm cells that can reach and fertilize an egg in a natural way.

The PetCount™ Sperm Analysis Test gives you a true picture of your male dog's fertility potential and its chances of making a female dog pregnant in a natural way.


  • No equipment and limited knowledge required!



- Sperm Quality Test
- Semen Collection Cup
- Semen Collection Funnel
- Semen Transfer Syringe
- Semen Collection Gloves
- PetCount™ Instructions for use
Single use device.  


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Heather Cortese (Hubert, US)
Super fast shipping

Tried product and had error results. But great concept.

Hi Heather!

Hope you had a great weekend and thank you for the reviews this weekend!
My name is Tyler from CanineP4.com. I saw your review of 4/5 on the Pet Count, Thank you for the review! What was the error you encountered as it may be something we can do in the future to communicate better?

Thank you Heather,

CanineP4.com Support

Tammy Douglas (Park Hills, US)

Tried this out. From the shopping, delivery and product all 5 stars!

Brianna Harley (Waldorf, US)
Tested 2 males

I ordered 2 test kits to test the sperm quality of my 2 young males. Very easy to use. Customer support was great when needed a question. Definitely will order more products!