The Top 5 Dog Progesterone Machines [The Ultimate Canine P4 Buyers Guide]

The Top 5 Dog Progesterone Machines - The Ultimate Canine Progestogen Testing Machine Buyers Guide.

More and more people are taking the plunge and doing their canine progesterone testing at home. Home progesterone testing for dogs can save you a ton of time and money (Check out our savings calculator), but there is a learning curve and it can be tough to figure out which analyzer is right for you. Accuracy, cost per test, reliability and much more must be considered.

The Ultimate Canine P4 Buyers guide is here to help you make all those decisions, and match you to your perfect dog progesterone machine, making the process much less intimidating, and putting you on the fast track to effective, and profitable home testing. 



Let's start with the cheapest and increasingly popular Finecare Vet

Wondfo Finecare Vet

Plain and simple, the Wondfo Finecare Vet is one of the best entry level systems for breeders. Its ease of use, low cost per test and excellent support structure make testing canine progesterone at home a breeze. 

Ease of use is tremendously important when purchasing your own progesterone analyzer. There is nothing worse than investing in a product only for it to be a paper weight. The Finecare Vet is one of the easiest systems to use, rocking a touch screen interface and very clear order of operations. Once you master the testing protocol, you are set, as there is little else to learn to elevate to a Finecare Vet master. 


The Finecare's ease of use and newbie-friendly approach are highlighted by these exciting features. The Wondfo System produces results in only 15 min, making it much quicker than many higher level analyzers. and making it ideal for one at a time testing.

It requires no maintenance or calibration other than loading each new kit ID chip (takes 2 seconds) and boasts a 2 year kit shelf life, which is unheard of in this field. They also do not require refrigeration. This is a game changer for the small volume breeder, expired test kits and out of date analyzers are not something to worry about with the Finecare. 

Even though the Finecare is easy to use, it's incredibly important to use it right. Thats why support is so important. Each system comes with a 1 year replacement warranty AND online training videos and email support. Learning how to correctly run your analyzer can be tricky by yourself, with the Finecare, Wondfo Care is with you every step of the way to ensure your success. 

The Finecare is considered a monitoring device. This means it is very well suited for natural breeding and artificial insemination, however we do not recommend it for surgical insemination. The Finecare has been correlated against the industry standard Immulite 1000, and Mini Vidas Blue, ensuring your results are accurate and reliable. 

Being a low cost analyzer, the Finecare does have some limitations, If you need to test more than 1 sample at a time it may benefit you to look towards the Mini Vidas. The Finecare can comfortably run 5 tests in a row, in about 30 minutes. Any more than that and it becomes cumbersome and time consuming. 

Also if you need or want more than simply PRG (T4, cCRP etc..) the Wondfo may not be for you. It currently only offers Canine Progesterone, however there are plans to bring more tests to consumers, so keep an eye out for updates. 

On price per test, you'll be hard pressed to find better value than the Finecare. Test kits come in boxes of 10 tests and range from $15 per test down to $9 per test with volume discounts, this is a huge savings compared to the average vet a charge. As stated above these kits have a 2 year shelf life, which is an incredible advantage for low volume breeders and those new to the game.

The Finecare Vet is the perfect entry level analyzer, offering ease of use, tremendous value, and reliable results.

Price: $2,700-$3,400

Who is it for? Lower volume testing needs, Those who only need PRG, Natural or A.I Breeding, Newbie.

Who is it not for? High testing volume, other tests than PRG, 

You can find more info and purchase the Finecare Here

Quick Scan 1000


The Quick Scan 1000 is the premium offering of the Finecare Vet. It adds, a 2 year replacement warranty, V.I.P support, and 20 progesterone when bought from MRDS. This package adds incredible value, simply with the 2 year warranty, not to mention the additional tests. Other than that it is exactly the same instrument and will produce the same reliable results. 

Price: $3,200-$5,500

Cube Vet

The Cube Vet is the exciting new kid on the block. Austrian built and full of features, The Cube is a compelling option for many. 

For Canine PRG, the Cube is a powerhouse. Each test only takes 8 min, and requires only 40ul of serum (Finecare Requires 75ul) which is by far the most impressive number on this list. This is awesome because it allows you to run multiple tests with a single blood draw, for example you could run PRG, T4 and Fructosamine all with 1 draw of your dog.

Its accuracy is fantastic with cv's between 5% and 8%, placing the Cube as a clinical level analyzer. The Cube has also been correlated against the industry standards, and proved to be a reliable analyzer. 

The Cube also rocks a touchscreen in the form of a dedicated smart phone, that allows bluetooth connectivity as well as connection to cloud services to easier store results. 

Just like the Finecare, the Cube requires almost no maintenance, simply change the RFID chip card after each new test kit and you analyzer is all good to go. The Cube also only requires 1 manual pipetting action for progesterone tests, which ensures a more accurate test and is easier for the user.

The Cube Test kits come in 6 and 16 test boxes, must be refrigerated and have a 9 month shelf life after manufacture date. They retail at $19 per test (can be cheaper with bulk purchases). 

The Cube is also great for many other tests including; T4, Fructosamine, Total Bile Acid, cCRP, Lipase, and many more. This makes it the most versatile low priced analyzer by leaps and bounds, and really where it separates itself from the Finecare. 

On the other hand, the Cube is not great for high volume testing as it runs 1 test at a time, and does not feature any way to pre prepare test such as the finecare does.

When bought through, the Cube comes with training, phone support and a 1 year warranty. Extended warranty is also available. 

The Cube is the best bang for your buck, offering tremendous testing versatility, outstanding accuracy and industry leading ease of use. 

Price: $4,200-$6,800

Who is it for? want the shinniest toy, best bang for buck, versatility of testing, Austrian built, American backed, high accuracy for low cost, 

Who is it not for? large volume testing, those who want the cheapest option,

You can find more info and purchase the Cube Vet Here

Mini Vidas Blue 

The Mini Vidas Blue is simply best there is. Clinical accuracy, testing capacity and rugged reliability, make the Mini Vidas the best instrument for those who foresee large volume testing, or simply want the best accuracy. 

The Mini Vidas has some awesome features that nothing on this list comes close to. Test time is 45 minutes, however you can run up to 12 tests at a time, making this the perfect instrument for vet labs or high scale breeders. 

Since many vet labs use the Mini Vidas, the numbers produced may be the same ones as you are used to seeing at the vet! This makes the transition easier, presenting less of a learning curve. 

The real value with the Vidas is the accuracy and the automation. The Mini Vidas is fully automated, all you need to do is put your serum into the test cartridge and the analyzer does the rest. This produces the amazing accuracy, which is an astounding 3%-8%. The Vidas is the choice of vet and human labs all over the world.

The Vidas does have a more "clinical" user interface, relying on physical buttons to maneuver the menu, and it does require calibration every 2 weeks. Based on this, we offer delivery and training options to ensure you get up and running as quickly as possible. 

Test Kits come in boxes of 60, and range from $15-$10 per test based on volume. They have a shelf life of 6-8 month and must be refrigerated. 

If you want the best, you can't beat the Vidas.

Price: $14.500

Who is it for? High Volume testing, those who want the best there is, variability of tests, clinical accuracy, 

Who is it not for? low volume testing, budget minded, 

You can find more info and purchase the Mini Vidas Here

Home Progesterone testing for dogs is a great idea for all kinds of breeders and vets, the time and money that can be saved is considerable and it may be the kick start that your business needs. Wether it be the Finecare, Cube Vet or the Mini Vidas, a home testing analyzer will make your life much easier. 

Check out the Comparison chart below, for more comparison details.

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