iSperm Analyzer: What Is It & Why You Need It

iSperm Analyzer

Canine sperm analysis is an advanced science, but much can still be said about the evaluation of semen. With iSperm Analyzer, you get accurate analysis with minimal effort.

Whether you’re a veterinarian or a professional dog breeder, you’d want to have a reliable partner in semen analysis. If you’re still on the fence about iSperm semen analyzer, this article is for you.

What is iSperm Analyzer?
Developed by Aidmics Biotechnology, iSperm is a mobile Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis kit designed for use not just in the lab but also in the field.

This semen analyzer has a wide application. Veterinarians use it to assess canine semen on the go while managing their client's data. Scientists and researchers, because it's mobile and handy, use it too, for in-field research.

Breeders, whether canine or not, improve the semen quality and fertility rate of their animals using the data iSperm provides, while animal caretakers at zoos, shelters, pet shops, kennels, and others also use it for animal recovery, fertility, and other canine screening projects.

It provides accurate readings of progressive motility, total motility, sperm concentration total, and sperm kinetics.

How Does iSperm Work?
iSperm employs the camera of an iPad Mini and analysis software available in the Apple Store to provide semen analysis.

A dedicated enclosure with a heated chamber is included in the hardware, allowing for sample analysis at 37 °C. The sample collector is equipped with a sampling chip that is dipped into the semen sample and then covered with a base chip to create a 20-micrometer deep sampling chamber.

The sample collector is then inserted into the heated chamber. The light source will turn on and you’ll be able to view the sperm at a magnification of 200x using the iPad camera.

The analysis takes around 10 seconds, and the results are displayed on the screen. The video that was utilized for analysis can be saved and played back at a later time, as well. The Semen Packaging tool can also be used to calculate the number of insemination doses that can be prepared from the ejaculate.

Important Features You Should Know
Perhaps the most important feature of iSperm by Aidmics Biotechnology is that it’s highly portable so you can analyze sperm anytime and anywhere.

There are other awesome features that would not only make your analysis easy but also engrossing.

Let’s take a look at those below.

Visual Display of Sperm Kinetics

iSperm Analyzer

iSperm automatically evaluates sperms' velocity, straightness, and all the movements they make to assess their fertility. What's impressive is that it color codes the sperms based on their swimming tracks and you can view and evaluate the movement of every single sperm.

Data Saving Feature
iSperm allows you to save the data so you can review it later or in the future. This makes it perfect for breeders, researchers, as well as veterinarians who have to manage a large volume of information about the fertility of dogs under their care.

The user interface is very responsive and operating it is very easy. The steps are easy to follow. There is very little training needed to be able to operate it and get an accurate sperm analysis.

Aidmics Biotechnology is also constantly developing the product to enhance the user experience.

Canine Semen Collection & Analysis
The collection of semen affects semen analysis whether it's going to be used for assessing the fertility of the dog or for diagnosing reproductive diseases.

Inexperienced breeders frequently ignore the necessity of proper collection and analysis in the breeding process. However, how the sperm is collected can have a significant impact on the amount of sperm collected as well as the quality of the sample.

A single sperm sample may not be reflective of the quality of a male's sperm. To evaluate any irregularities, we recommend taking repeated samples many days to weeks apart.

Proper collection is also important for short and long-term storage of semen intended for future use in artificial insemination.

Below are some tips to help you in the collection and evaluation.

Try to minimize the stress prior to collection. Some of the things that can trigger stress include rectal temperature examination, blood sample collection, and others. Perform all these preparations in a separate room and if possible, cut them down to the bare minimum.

To stimulate your male dog, use pheromones from a female dog in heat or, if available, allow the male to engage with a female dog in heat to help stimulate him.

You can also stimulate the male dog by placing a latex artificial vagina (AV) over his penis. Then collect the sperm by placing the iSperm collector at the AV's end.

The first and third portions of a normal male dog's ejaculate contain prostatic fluid, which helps transport the second part of the ejaculate, the sperm, through the female's reproductive system. Take note that prostatic fluid contains zero to little spermatozoa and so must be collected in separate containers. You can also just let the first few ejaculates drip on the floor and collect the middle part only.

Prostatic fluid is typically clear in color and small in volume, ranging from 3 – 80 ml.


Both in the exam room and later in a laboratory, the sperm-rich fraction of the ejaculate is assessed in a semen evaluation process. The volume and color of the sperm are measured.

The sperm-rich portion of semen should be white to opalescent, and most dogs make between 0.5 and 1.5 mL of it. Sperm do not survive long in a test tube even in the absence of prostatic fluid. So immediate evaluation is recommended to determine the percentage of sperm that are moving (motility) and the percentage of sperm that are migrating in one direction (progressive motility).

If you’re not familiar with the semen preservation process, you can make an immediate evaluation. Connect your iSperm kit immediately and make an initial assessment of sperm morphology. iSperm will automatically make a calculation of the number of sperm in the sample (concentration or sperm count) and any morphologic abnormalities.

Get mCASA iSperm Analyzer Now!
CASA has been widely utilized in domesticated animal production laboratories and breeding facilities with great success. iSperm Analyzer, the first mobile semen analyzer, can help you evaluate canine semen.

Here at MR Diagnostic, we offer iSperm as well as other progesterone testing and pregnancy detection kits to help you in all your breeding projects. If you need help and have more questions, get in touch with us today.