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Healvet 300 Portable Bundle - Dog Progesterone Machine
Healvet 300 Portable Bundle - Dog Progesterone Machine
Healvet 300 Portable Bundle - Dog Progesterone Machine
Healvet 300 Portable Bundle - Dog Progesterone Machine
Healvet 300 Portable Bundle - Dog Progesterone Machine
Healvet 300 Portable Bundle - Dog Progesterone Machine
Healvet 300 Portable Bundle - Dog Progesterone Machine
Healvet 300 Portable Bundle - Dog Progesterone Machine

Healvet 300 Portable Bundle - Dog Progesterone Machine

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The Ultimate Portable Progesterone Machine


 Pre-order the Healvet 300P today and save $300 on your purchase. 


Introducing the Healvet 300P - The Portable Battery Powered Progesterone Machine: Your On-The-Go Solution for progesterone testing!


Calling all busy breeders and vets! Say goodbye to stationary testing labs and hello to the freedom of on-the-go testing with the Healvet 300P. Designed specifically for your dynamic lifestyle, this portable battery-powered progesterone machine is your ticket to seamless testing wherever you need it.


Imagine the possibilities! No more waiting around for lab results. No more costly external services. With the Healvet 300P in your hands, you take control of your breeding program like never before. Save thousands of dollars and tons of time by bringing in-house testing capabilities right to your fingertips.


Pre-order the Healvet 300P today and save $300 on your purchase. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to revolutionize your progesterone testing and elevate your testing game. Take charge of your breeding journey with the Healvet 300P and unlock the convenience, flexibility, and savings you've been waiting for!





 Either Bundle includes everything you need to begin testing day 1!


Here's what sets the Healvet 300P apart:


  • Portable and Rechargeable: Test whenever and wherever you need. Weighing a mere 0.8 kg, this lightweight handheld device is designed for easy portability, while the built-in rechargeable battery offers extended battery life for uninterrupted testing, up to 4 hours of continuous use and 72 hours on standby. 


  • Affordable and Accurate: The Healvet 300P is reliable and precise - plus, test kits are affordable and accurate, and don't need to be kept cold!


  • Exclusive 2-Year Warranty: Enjoy a 2-year replacement warranty, provided exclusively by Canine P4, for your peace of mind.


  • Quick and Convenient: Get results in just 15 minutes (approximately 30 minutes with preparation), without the need for time-consuming calibrations. Run multiple tests at one time in the "Quick Test" mode! 


  • Beginner-Friendly: Whether you're a seasoned professional or a first-time user, the Healvet 300P comes with premium online training and support from Canine P4.


  • International Friendly:  Reads in both ng/mL and nmol/L, no need for calculations!


Add the Healvet 300P to your arsenal and pre-order now to save $300 on your purchase. Embrace the power of portable progesterone testing and experience unparalleled convenience, accuracy, and efficiency in progesterone testing. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your testing experience - secure your Healvet 300P today!


Why Dog Breeders Choose the Healvet 300P
  • Portability: The Healvet 300P's handheld design allows you to take it with them wherever they go. Whether you are attending dog shows, visiting clients, or managing multiple breeding locations, the device's lightweight and compact nature ensures that progesterone testing can be performed on the spot, without the need to return to a stationary lab.


  • Modern Design: The HV-MFA 300P features a sleek and modern design, equipped with a 5.0-inch HD True Color LCD Capacitive Touch Screen (720*1280). Its compact and stylish outline effortlessly blends into any environment, while the intuitive interface caters to all experience levels, ensuring effortless navigation. Despite its powerful capabilities, this handheld device is lightweight and portable, weighing only 0.8 kg, making it perfect for on-the-go testing. Its removable rechargeable battery provides over 72 hours of standby time and more than 4 hours of operating time. The integrated screen design ensures a waterproof and dustproof testing experience. Experience the future of progesterone testing with the HV-MFA 300P and its unmatched modern design.


  • Expert Support from Canine P4: When you choose the Healvet 300P, you gain access to the exceptional support and expertise of Canine P4. Our team of P4 experts is dedicated to helping you succeed in your testing endeavors. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to in-house testing, Canine P4 provides premium online training and support, ensuring that you can confidently operate the Healvet 300P and interpret your test results accurately. With Canine P4 by your side, you have a trusted partner in your testing journey.


  • Optimize Breeding Timing and Maximize Litter Size: Proper timing of breedings is crucial to maximize litter size and breeding success. The Healvet 300P's progesterone testing capability plays a pivotal role in optimizing breeding timing. By accurately measuring progesterone levels, you can determine the optimal time for breeding, increasing the chances of successful conception and larger litter sizes. With the Healvet 300P, you can eliminate the guesswork and ensure that you never miss a breeding opportunity, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.


  • Thousands Saved by Testing In-House: One of the most significant advantages of the Healvet 300P is the incredible cost savings it offers. By bringing testing in-house, you eliminate the need for expensive external laboratory services, which can amount to thousands of dollars over time. The Healvet 300P affordable test kits, minimal calibration requirements, and quick test times ensure that you can optimize your testing process without breaking the bank. Experience substantial savings while maintaining accuracy, familiar result ranges, and reliability with the Healvet 300P.


Take charge of your testing journey with the Healvet 300P and unlock the convenience, flexibility, and savings you've been waiting for!


What is included in the Startup bundle:

Here is all you get and everything you need!! 

  • 2-year Analyzer replacement warranty! 
  • 6 Month Accessory replacement warranty!
  • Ongoing training and support.
  • Easy to reorder all your supplies and kits right here on!
  • Free 10-Test Progesterone Kit
  • Healvet 300P Canine Progesterone Analyzer
  • 5 Position buffer/serum tube rack holder
  • 20-200uL Pipettor with Rack of Disposable Tips - Professional Quality!
  • Sample Vortexer
  • Micro Centrifuge
  • Surge Protector
  • (20) Disposable Transfer Pipettes
  • (2) roll of printer paper
  • (200) 2ml Micro-centrifuge tubes.
  • Total Canine Blood Draw kit (10 ct.) (23g)
  • Complete user manual including helpful photo guides and step-by-step instructions.
What is included with your Travel Bundle. 

Travel Bundle Essentials

155WH Portable Power Station - Test on the road for even longer! Pair This battery pack with the Healvet 300P's battery capabilities and run your analyzer centrifuge and vortexor anywhere for up to 4 hours! Charge your phone, run a refrigerator and so much more!

Analyzer Case with wheels and foam insert - Protect your valuable investment. Hit the road with peace of mind, all of your valuable equipment fits into the rugged military grade travel case!

3D Printed Universal Testing Rack - Rather than buying multiple expensive plastic racks, combine it all with our Universal Testing Rack!

Fits pipettors, syringe needles, microcentrifuge cups, PCR Tubes 13mm Vacutainer tubes, 5ml Plastic tubes, and pipettor tips. 

What is included

  • Healvet 300P Analyzer
  • 155WH Portable Power Bank
  • Battery Powered Vortexor
  • Microcentrifuge
  • Analyzer Case with wheels and foam insert.
  • 3D Printed Universal Lab Rack
  • 20-200 ul Adjustable Precision Pipette w/ Extra tips
  • Total Canine Blood Draw kit (10 ct.) (23G)
  • (200) 2ml Centrifuge Cups 
  • (20) Disposable Transfer Pipettes
  • (2) Printer Paper
  • 3D Printed Serum Tube Rack
  • FREE (10) Canine Progesterone Tests
  • Sharps Transport Container
  • Manual
  • Reading Chart



HV-MFA 300P Technical Specifications:

  • Operating System: Built-in Android test management software
  • Operating Interface: 5.0-inch HD True Color LCD Capacitive Touch Screen (720*1280)
  • Physical Size: 240mm90mm65mm (WDH)
  • Instrument Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Sample Type: Serum and Plasma (EDTA)
  • Interface Language: Chinese, English, other languages
  • Data Storage: ROM capacity: 8GB, RAM capacity: 1GB
  • Built-in Battery: Removable rechargeable battery, standby time more than 72 hours, operate time more than 4 hours
  • Information Output: USB data exporting, thermal printing, and system uploading
  • Wireless Communication: 4G, WIFI, Bluetooth
  • Image Processing: Built-in 500W autofocus camera
  • Working Environment: 10°C - 30°C, Humidity ≤80%RH
  • Input Voltage: DC12V/5A



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