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Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle
Finecare Vet Dog Progesterone Machine
Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com
Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com
Finecare Progesteron Vortexor
Finecare Progesterone Test Kit
Finecare Vet Progesterone Bundle, Centrifuge Cups
Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com
Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle

Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle

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Test Canine Progesterone at home, and save thousands!








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Dog progesterone testing is super important for dog breeding. A well-timed breed can mean healthier puppies and larger litters. Trips back and forth to the vet can be very time-consuming and expensive. One litter can more than pay for your investment!


Testing progesterone at home has never been easier, with the Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle now with a FREE 2-year warranty! Test on your own time, and for a lot less money! 


 "The Best value bundle on the market...now even better!"


  • FREE 2 Year Warranty! Exclusively from Canine P4.
  • FREE Shipping! FREE 10 Test kit! 2% of your purchase in K9 coin discounts!
    Hundreds of 5 STAR reviews for our products and our support!
  • Quick and convenient, 15 Minute Test time
  • No experience? No Problem! The Finecare Vet comes with world-class online training and support directly from Canine P4!
  • Sky-high vet bills? Lowest cost per test in the industry!
  • Protected with a Canine P4 exclusive 2-year replacement warranty. 
  • Extremely low maintenance, no calibration required.
  • Professional pipettes included - increase accuracy and confidence. 
  • Start saving right away! The start-up bundle has everything you need to begin testing!

* Not recommended for surgical breeding.


* Only available to U.S customers 


Questions? Give us a call at





What is included

Here is all you get and everything you need!! 

  • 2 year Analyzer replacement warranty! 
  • 6 Month Accessory replacement warranty!
  • Ongoing training and support.
  • Easy to reorder all your supplies and kits right here on caninep4.com!
  • Free 10 Test Progesterone Kit
  • Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Analyzer
  • 5 Position buffer/serum tube rack holder
  • 20-200uL Pipettor with Rack of Disposable Tips - Professional Quality!
  • Sample Vortexer
  • Micro Centrifuge
  • Surge Protector
  • 1 roll of printer paper
  • UPS Back-Up Surge Protector
  • 1 bag of 2ml Micro-centrifuge tubes.
  • 25 5mL Blood Collection Tubes 
  • Total Canine Blood Draw kit (10 ct.) (23g)
  • Complete user manual including helpful photo guides and step-by-step instructions
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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Rosalind Greene (Woodbridge, US)

One of the best purchase. Having progesterone results take the guessing out of when to breed my ****. The machineb is easy to use. I will update when I get confirmation that my dogs are pregnant.

Dominic Marshall (Alexandria, US)

A must have! Saves time and convenient.

Bonnie Moore
Loved the fast service!

Very pleased with the fast delivery and the support team.
The Bundle came with everything I could possobly need!