Finecare Vet Dog Progesterone Machine
Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com
Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com
Finecare Progesteron Vortexor
Finecare Progesterone Test Kit
Vacutainer Blood Draw Kit
Finecare Vet Progesterone Bundle, Centrifuge Cups
Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com
Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com
Finecare Progesterone, UPS
Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle
Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com

Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle

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Test Canine Progesterone at home, and save thousands!

Dog progesterone testing is super important for dog breeding. A well-timed breed can mean healthier puppies and larger litters. Trips back and forth to the vet can be very time-consuming and expensive. 

Testing progesterone at home has never been easier, with the Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Bundle. Test on your own time, and for a lot less money! 


  • Quick and convenient, 15 Minute Test time
  • No experience? No Problem! The Finecare Vet comes with online training and support!
  • Sky-high vet bills? Lowest cost per test in the industry!
  •  Protected with a 1-year replacement warranty. 
  • Extremely low maintenance, No calibration required.
  • Start saving right away! The start-up bundle has everything you need to begin testing!


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 Customer Testimonial

Features and Benefits.

Here is all you get and everything you need!! 

  • 1-year Analyzer replacement warranty! 
  • 6 Month Accessory replacement warranty!
  • 2-year replacement warranty (optional)
  • Ongoing training and support.
  • Easy to reorder all your supplies and kits right here on!
  • Free 10 Test Progesterone Kit
  • Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Analyzer
  • 2 (two) 0.2/0.5mL Tube Racks
  • 2mL centrifuge tube freezer rack
  • 20-200uL Pipettor with Tips
  • Sample Vortexer
  • Micro Centrifuge
  • 1 roll of printer paper
  • UPS Back-Up Surge Protector
  • 1 bag of 2ml Micro-centrifuge tubes.
  • 5 Position Sample Cartridge Incubation Tray
  • 5 Digital Timers
  • 25 5mL Blood Collection Tubes 
  • 5 butterfly needles and 4ml vacutainers set
  • Blood Handling Instruction Document (not pictured)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Aly Bell
So convenient!!!

Been debating this for a while and finally bit the bullet. Wondering why I didn’t do this years ago! So much easier than sitting waiting at the vet for 2-3 hours or driving 1 hour each way to my repro vet. Practicing the art of the blood draw can be tricky but once you get it it’s easy. Simple to follow instructions. Loving this machine.

Cori Wallace (Newport News, US)
Game Changer!!

So happy with my new progesterone unit! It’s so nice to be able to get results within minutes. So far we have used it on 4 separate bitches for AI. Excited to utilize it for reverse progesterones to plan c-sections. This machine is a game changer for breeding programs!

Stacey Ignagni (Howell, US)
Game changer

This machine is awesome! It’s so easy to use and results in 15 minutes. The videos and support are fantastic. Recommend this to anyone that has a breeding program, it will pay for itself with your first litter.

David Zetro (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Finecare vet

Set up was simple, unit works great. Saves a lot time not having to run to a vet for pg

Tim Eades (Hyattsville, US)
Shipping was fast and well packaged

Shipping was fast and the item was well packaged, everything arrived in good condition