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Dog pregnancy test
Dog pregnancy test
Dog pregnancy test
Relaxin Dog Pregnancy Test - 10 per Kit

Pregnancy Test for dogs

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Pregnancy test for dogs 

Verify your dog's pregnancy for less!

*Please note a centrifuge is required.


Even bigger savings when you buy the 10 ct in bulk! 

Make sure to select "10 tests" under the Quantity dropdown. 

  • Save 8% when you buy (2) two
  • Save 12% when you buy (3) three
  • Save 15% when you buy (4) four or more

Relaxin is the easiest pregnancy test for dogs! No analyzer is required, simply draw blood, process the blood into serum, and place it into the test cartridge. And 10 minutes later you have the result! A Pregnancy test for dogs that is so easy to use! 

Now includes blood draw needles! All you will need is a centrifuge. 


  • No refrigeration is required, AND 12-month shelf life!
  • Rapid, early results. Reliable results in 8-10 minutes, you will get immediate test results. The Relaxin test can detect pregnancy as early as day 25 post-fertilization (30 days is recommended for best results).
  • Easy to interpret. Simple to understand results with no complex interpretation needed,
  • Super easy! No machine is required, simply draw blood, spin into serum, and place it into the test kit. And 10 minutes later you have the result! 
  • Available in 1, 2, or 10 counts for every breeder's needs!

  *Please note, a small amount of blood (<1mL) is required from the animal for testing, as well as a centrifuge to produce serum.  A 75ul (microliter) mechanical pipettor is recommended, but not required*

No Additional Trips to the Vet: Save Time and Money with at-Home Dog Pregnancy Tests for Dogs 

Our pregnancy test for dogs is fast, efficient, and easy to use. Most importantly, it can be used to test at home, freeing you to take your dog to the vet to test for pregnancy. This form of canine pregnancy testing measures a hormone in the blood known as relaxin, a hormone produced by the developing placenta and the ovaries of a female dog during pregnancy. Relaxin, as its name might suggest, relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis in order to prepare the female for labor. It is a reliable indicator of pregnancy.

Keep stress levels low on your dog, and save time and money by performing your own dog pregnancy tests at home with this special kit that will deliver you results in as few as 10 minutes. This extremely easy-to-use kit comes with blood-drawing needles, does not require refrigeration, and has a 12-month shelf life so you don’t need to use it immediately. These accurate tests can also detect whether or not a dog is pregnant by the 25th day after breeding - nearly as early as three weeks afterward.

Don’t “wait” for weight gain associated with developing puppies! Simpler and more affordable than an abdominal ultrasound and reliable, as results are easy to read. The clearer the line on the test, the higher the levels of relaxin in the blood. The test kit also comes with easy-to-use instructions for detecting pregnancy via a blood sample. 

How do these simple tests work?

The Relaxin test detects pregnancy as early as day 25 post-breeding! Very nice! Use just a few drops of serum. So Easy and Fast! 

Relaxin is a hormone produced only in pregnant females, which makes it an ideal pregnancy test! The more relaxin present in the serum sample, the clearer the line. 

Beat ultrasound diagnosis with this simpler, but effective and accurate test.

Included in your purchase
  • Relaxin Pregnancy Tests
  • 1cc Blood draw Syringes
  • Transfer Pipettes
  • Instructions

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Angel Spencerman (Bourbon, US)
Wonderful product

Works great. Does what it's intended for! Delivery was fast and damage free!

ATorres (Chicago, US)
Pregnancy test

Fast delivery and very easy to used 👌

Shirley Katchmore (Kannapolis, US)
So far been accurate

Convenient to order as many as you want rather than having to order one kit containing 5 when you don't need 5 and they were horribly expensive. This is much better!