Quick Scan 1000 Canine Progesterone Machine
Canine P4 analyzer
Canine P4 analyzer
Canine P4 analyzer
Canine P4 analyzer

Quick Scan 1000

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The Quick Scan 1000 is our upgraded version of the very popular Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Testing Machine!

Here are all the Upgrades you get with the Quick Scan 1000! 
  • Your Quick Scan 1000 specially branded option of the popular Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone System!
  • 20 test Free progesterone test kits with your order!
  • This Quick Scan 1000 includes an extended 2 Year replacement warranty.
  • Expanded VIP support services including a dedicated support phone service!
  • Same-day shipping for all your future test kit orders.
IMPORTANT! Best Testing Practices.

These items are required to run the analyzer correctly. 
- Micro Centrifuge
- Vortex Mixer
- 20-200ul Calibrated Pipette

Get all this and more, in our bundle package! or if you only need a single item from the above list check out all the options here

See the Quick Scan 1000 in Action! 

The Quick Scan 1000 will run your Canine Progesterone in 15 minutes! A Video is worth 100,000 words! Check out the Quick Scan 1000 Action Video below!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Ashley (Bean Station, US)

This machine has saved me running my tail off! Customer service is none better! These guys are literally the bomb.com!

Sheilye Montano (Tampa, US)
Very accurate

So far i am in love with this machine, making my life and my friends and family easier too Breed and confiable!!!!start ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Tonya White
Very Please

this machine is SUPER simple to use!! Walk away it prints your results!! (also stores up to 10,000 results so you can go back and review or reprint and test) it is running true numbers on my girls and I am overall totally pleased with the equipment - and the customer service. Two Thumps up.

Lori Bays
MR Diagnostic are the greatest guys ...

MR Diagnostic are the greatest guys to work with they have always helped me on the phone when I’ve needed help.

Tom C
Thank you all for the service!

So far so good. The days vs numbers are following similar patterns from my notes of past breeding. I’m very happy with the new calibration range and so are my clients. Thank you all for the service!

Quick Scan 1000 introduction! See how Easy it is to run!

Customer Service Support is why Customers Trust us like no one else!

Customer Service Support is why Customers Trust us like no one else!

Will the Quick Scan 1000 compare to my testing lab results? Watch above!