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Brucellosis Canine 10 Test kit

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Brucella Canis Canine 10 Test kit

Easy to use, Fast, Accurate, Inexpensive, and Reliable! Get the peace of mind knowing that your Dog(s) are clean or get proactive with treatment if they are not! So easy to do! You only need 1 drop of serum. Interpretation of the test is very straightforward and is described in the additional tabs provided. No Analyzer needed, simple yes or no results.

 What is Canine Brucellosis?

Canine brucellosis is a contagious bacterial infection caused by the bacterium, Brucella canis (B. canis). This bacterial infection is highly contagious among dogs and humans. Infected dogs usually develop an infection of the reproductive system or a sexually transmitted disease.

Use as a Screening Tool Only
Not Intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent Any Disease

Signs of Brucellosis?

Brucellosis in dogs typically causes reproductive problems such as infertility and abortions, with few other signs of clinical illness. The disease is most common in sexually intact adult dogs. In female dogs, brucellosis usually causes abortion between the 45th and 59th day of pregnancy. Other common reproductive symptoms include failure to conceive in an otherwise healthy dog, infertile males with abnormal semen quality, and enlarged testicles that subsequently decrease in size. Non-specific symptoms for both sexes include lethargy (decrease in activity, depression), loss of libido, premature aging, and generalized lymph node enlargement. Pups infected prior to whelping may be born weak or appear normal and later develop brucellosis”

How to Use.

1st Step: Centrifuge whole blood sample to collect serum or plasma for use. Only a few microliters are required

2nd Step: Remove the test strip from the foil pouch and place it horizontally.

3rd Step: Place 1 drop of serum into the sample hole “S” and immediately add 1 drop of assay buffer.

4th Step: Interpret the result in 5-10 minutes. Results after 10 minutes are considered invalid and inconclusive


Positive: The presence of both C band and T band, no matter T band is clear or vague.

Negative: Only a clear C band appears.

Invalid: No colored band appears in the C zone, no matter whether the T band appears.

 Brucella Canis test results


The kit can be stored at room temperature (2-30°C). The test kit is stable through the expiration date (18 months) marked on the foil pouch. DO NOT FREEZE. Do not store the test kit in direct sunlight.


For best results, please strictly adhere to these instructions.

  • All reagents must be placed at room temperature before running the assay.

  • Do not remove the test cassette from its pouch until immediately before use.

  • Do not reuse the test kit.

  • Do not use the test beyond its expiration date marked on the foil pouch.

  • The components in this kit have been quality control tested as a standard batch.

  • Do not mix components from different lot numbers.

  • To be used as a screening tool only. Not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease.

    Customer Reviews

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    Cori Billy (Chicago, US)
    Easy STATE inspection Requirement FIX!

    With the chance of Brucellosis making its way back into breeding programs we was advise to rule it out before it even starts here. At the vet clinic I worked out we use the same kind of test and loved how simple they was to use! Inspection loves the idea of in house results!

    Elvis Hernandez (Fremont, US)
    Canine Brucellosis Rapid Test Kit

    I purchased a Brucellosis test kits to rule out a positive result on my Yorkshire Terrier stud since a female had not gotten pregnant from a previous mating. I ended up testing my two studs and was relieved to finding out a negative result for Brucellosis. I just totally missed the breeding window. I would recommend this product if you have naturally bred your male to females outside your breeding program and or you want to test a female prior to natural breeding. Excellent product and worth the investment.