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Cube Vet Dog Progesterone Machine
Cube Vet - Reproduction & Health Analyzer - Canine P4 Dot Com
Cube Vet - Reproduction & Health Analyzer - Canine P4 Dot Com
Cube Vet - Reproduction & Health Analyzer - Canine P4 Dot Com
Cube Vet - Reproduction & Health Analyzer - Canine P4 Dot Com

CUBE-VET - Equine Health Analyzer

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CUBE-VET - Equine Health Analyzer

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Equine Progesterone and so much more.

Looking for the best equine hormone analyzer? Look no further than the CUBE-VET.


The mare's health is paramount to ensure successful breeding. The CUBE-VET makes it easier than ever, offering a variety of equine tests that let you monitor not only her progesterone levels but also 10 other health metrics. This is the machine your vet wishes they had.


The CUBE-VET offers vet-level performance and versatility at a rock bottom price. Do more for less and take your business to the next level.


  • 8 Minute progesterone test time- fastest in the industry.
  • Test like a vet, 15 assay test menu (See the full menu below)
  • Clinical Accuracy- be confident in your results.
  • Best in class test time AND sample size (40ul or 5ul)
  • Highly reliable Austrian engineering supported in the U.S
  • Remote diagnostics- instantly resolve any issues.
  • Low maintenance, no calibration required.
  • Protected with a 1-year replacement warranty
  • No experience? No problem! The Cube Vet comes with training and support.
  • Check out the Startup Bundle for everything you need to start running right away!
Meet the CUBE-VET (Video)

So Easy to Run a sample (Video)!

So Easy to Run a sample! Take a quick look! Imagine the Time and Money You will Save and Profit! 


Available Tests

The CUBE-VET offers tremendous value for horses, not only running progesterone but all of the vital health markers listed below!


    Professional Testing in House!


    The CUBE-VET has been used in veterinary labs all over the world for years. Now You can have that same power of clinical testing in Your house or office at a great price! Superior Austrian Engineering with a 1 Year Replacement Warranty! 



    What's included.
    • Free (6) Equine Progesterone test kit
    • CUBE-VET Analyzer
    • A complimentary Breeding timing chart
    • Manuel
    • Online training portal
    • 1-year replacement warranty
    • Ongoing training and support

    Check out the Startup bundle, which includes everything you need to begin testing on day 1! 

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