Quick Scan 1000 Premier Bundle
Quick Scan 1000 Premier Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com
Quick Scan 1000 Premier Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com
Quick Scan 1000 Premier Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com
Quick Scan 1000 Premier Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com
Quick Scan 1000 Premier Bundle
Quick Scan 1000 Premier Bundle
Quick Scan 1000 Premier Bundle - Canine P4 Dot Com

Quick Scan 1000 Premier Bundle

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Quick Scan 1000 Premier Bundle

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The Quick Scan 1000 is our upgraded package of the popular Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone Testing Machine. Everything you need including a clinical centrifuge, microscope, and an automatic Electronic Pipetter for clinical accuracy. This money-saving bundle also contains the Premier Accessory Kit, at a discounted rate!

Here is what you get with the Quick Scan Premier Bundle

  • Your Quick Scan 1000 specially branded option of the popular Finecare Vet Canine Progesterone System!
  • 20 Free progesterone test kit with your order!
  • This Quick Scan 1000 includes an extended 2 Year replacement warranty.
  • Expanded VIP support services including a dedicated support phone service!
  • Same-day shipping for all your future test kit orders.
Quick Scan 1000 in Action!
Here's what you get!

This money-saving bundle also contains the Premier Accessory Kit, at a discounted rate!

The Premier Accessory Kit. This kit includes:

  • Full-Size Clinical Centrifuge: Spins whole blood into the serum. Fully Adjustable from 500-4500 RPM, and an adjustable timer. Existing Tube Holders standard for 13x100ml sample or vacutainer tubes, with adapters for each to accommodate 2 ml centrifuge tubes, and 2-5ml vacutainer tubes. Very Low Noise and Vibration compared to other units. Get into a clinical level centrifuge at a fraction of the usual cost!
  • Microscope Kit: Highly Portable and lightweight, battery-powered compound microscope with 10x, 40x, 60x, and 100x oil objective lenses. See in amazing detail/contrast, and easily identify the health and concentration of your stud's specimens. A full set of 100 slides and slipcovers are provided as well as immersion oil for the 100x lens. Training and overview of the microscope are available as well. Easy to view LCD screen and eyepiece combo of laboratory grade. No more eye-straining! Save your findings via USB or SD card!
  • Blood Draw Kits: 10 additive-free tubes and 10 Anti-clot progesterone safe green top tube set allows you to draw blood, at home or away from your analyzer. Vacutainer tubes reduce difficulties during blood draws as well as increase the quality of specimens. 20 sets of needle syringes are also included.
  • Electronic Pipette: Never worry about pipetting errors again! This small and ergonomic pipette has an extremely high accuracy level and will repeatedly take the correct measurements. This pipette has been tested by our service team on over 300 samples and has received head engineer Sam's stamp of approval! Includes 1 rack of 96 easy-on pipette tips
  • Vortex Mixer: Properly Mixes Sample ensuring testing accuracy.
  •  Back up UPS System- Ensures against power surges/loss that could damage the analyzer.
  • 1 Roll Printer Paper
  • 3D Printed Buffer/sample tube rack
  • Rectal thermometer
  • Puppy Scale
  • 200 Micro Centrifuge Tubes
  • Practice Blood Draw Pad
  • Box of 10 Relaxin pregnancy tests
  • Sample Tube Rack ---Stainless Steel
  • 3D Printed pipettor holder
  • Disposable transfer pipettors for blood/serum 
  • 25 BD Falcon Sterile sample Tubes

Plus each product comes with a 6-month replacement warranty!

Customer Reviews

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Purchase Quick Scan 1000

We purchased the Quick Scan and wow what a difference from the previous machine we have been using.
Not only is the machine simple to use but the instructions that came with it were so thorough.
Let’s not also leave out the customer service, I dealt with Mike and he has been so professional, patient, and has answered all of our questions in a professional and timely matter.
I would definitely not only recommend the equipment but this company for your purchase.

Quick Scan 1000

I had bought a cheap machine from china it worked only some of the times. So i bought the Quick Scan 1000 and what a difference as soon as i got it i ran test on my female and it works great we will be breeding her tomorrow great product and great
Customer service i had some questions I messaged them and they got right back to me with the answer.

Great Machine and Even Better Customer Service

I am very happy with the Premier Bundle that I ordered. I had it shipped to me next day. Everything was ready to go out of the box. I was drawing blood and testing that evening and got accurate results right away! I was able to time my breeding and just got my pregnancy confirmation. Having my own progesterone machine has given me the ability to take control of my breeding program. Any time I have questions, someone is right there to help. The initial investment is a lot less than a missed breeding! I highly recommend this machine and this company.