Add Sperm analysis and see the difference - Free Shipping on the amazing iSperm 6
iSperm 6 Portable Semen Analysis System
iSperm 6 Portable Semen Analysis System
iSperm 6 Canine Kit PREORDER
iSperm 6 Canine Kit PREORDER
iSperm 6 Canine Kit PREORDER
iSperm 6 Canine Kit PREORDER
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iSperm 6 Portable Semen Analysis System

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iSperm 6 Portable Semen Analysis System 


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The iSperm 6 system will run on a new app developed for the iPad Mini 6 (Wifi Only, 64GB color varies) with the same amazing features as the previous revision. 


Existing iSperm user? Ask us how to upgrade your system. Note, the iPad Mini 5 and some hardware elements of the iSperm are NOT compatible with the iSperm 6 and additional items will need to be purchased in order to upgrade

iSperm for Dogs! The First Mobile Smart Semen Analyzer for Dogs. iSperm comes completely set up for you (when purchased with the new iPad)! Everything you need including the software and a new iPad!


iSperm Analyzing Sperm health can help maximize litter size, and minimize missed litters. The iSperm is the home system you've been waiting for...

  • Simple to use (Training Included)

  • Accurate (Tested against popular desktop systems)

  • Portable (Fits in a small briefcase)

  • Easy to use (Built on IOS software)

  • Affordable (much cheaper than the leading desktop systems)

The iSperm system bundles (iSperm kit without iPad excluded) come fully set up and ready to go, simply log into your apple account, create an Aidmics Cloud account, read the training materials and you're ready to test! 


Requires an iPad Mini 6 for use.

 The iSperm System Includes:

- Fully Set Up with optical alignment performed

- New iPad mini 6 Wifi Only, 64GB, color varies

- Access to comprehensive training videos

- iSperm Briefcase

- Sample Collector

- Heater and cable

- 50 sample chipsets (base and cover)

- Droppers

- Manual

- Ipad Stand

- Air Blower

- Hex Wrench

- Serial Number Card

- LR44 Batteries

-Pipettor and tips 7.5uL

Reorder sample chips here!

Add a printer:

Pre-setup printer for use on your iPad. Print color results of the still photo of the sperm and the concentration measurements. Just turn on, run a sample, and print your results from the gallery.

Ship out your samples with proof of healthy sperm!

Check out our MiniTube CaniPlus sperm extender offerings, sold separately! 

Watch the Video!


iSperm is the first mini/mobile computer-assisted sperm analyzer (mCASA).

It offers readings of concentration, total motility, progressive motility, and sperm kinetics.

You can also clearly understand the behaviors of the sperm through the labeled sperm tracks.

Capable of analyzing semen qualities for various species, iSperm mCASA helps customers monitor the fertility of economic, companion, and endangered animals.

Accurate Semen Analyzer in Your Briefcase

Is traveling between the lab and the field a routine for you? iSperm mCASA brings you the highest mobility and flexibility.

With the weight of a laptop and the size of a briefcase, iSperm mCASA is a portable and professional semen analyzer.

You can now perform rapid screening in the field, and work on sophisticated examinations in the lab.

Visualizing Sperm Movements

A moving sperm doesn’t guarantee its fertility. iSperm mCASA labels sperms in various colors based on their swimming tracks.

Advanced sperm kinetics such as velocity and straightness are also calculated automatically.

You can now clearly see the movement of every single sperm, and cross-reference with your evaluation.

Keep Data Now & Get Insights in the Future

In a breeding management program, data are always the most important source to get insights. It’s not just about checking the current status of the fertility of a male animal. It’s about a long-term effort to deal with male reproductive issues.


Be a professional. Master the iSperm using the training portal. Have questions or need some additional help? Send us an email at

Customer Reviews

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Marlin A. Troyer (New York, US)
Isperm 6

We are excited to add this product to our equipment to help improve our breeding program.

Wendy Gratz (Columbus, US)
Isperm 6

I haven't used it yet but everything looks great and simple to do. Again customer support and shipping is always on point. This machine will be great for needs of my breeding clients among myself. I have alot of clients and now they will be even more happy with this device. I also got another v200 for pg's. I love these machines and very succeful with confirmed pregnancies.

Yaritza Alvarez (San Diego, US)
Bullys kennel supply

I’m testing all my studs for updates and giving client evaluation before inseminations its a great tool for my program!