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Dog Progesterone Machine - V200 Bionote
V200 Progesterone Machine
V200 Progesterone Machine
V200 Progesterone Machine Full Bundle
V200 Progesterone Machine Full Bundle
Dog Progesterone Machine - V200 Bionote - Canine P4 Dot Com
V200 Vortexor
Uninterrupted Power Supply
Nexty Pipette
V200 Reading Chart
V200 Print Out

Vcheck V200 Bionote

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Bionote Vcheck V200 Veterinarian Level Results in-house!

Care Credit Financing Available! Email us at

Looking for a canine progesterone testing machine? Check out the V200!

Easy, Fast, Dependable, Veterinary Accuracy, and Very Affordable! 

The Bionote Vcheck V200 is used in over 7,000 Vet, research, and testing labs all over the world. Test in-house and save time and money, and fewer vet visits! Test on your time and get veterinarian-level results! Canine progesterone, TSH, T4 and so much more!

  • Superior Korean Engineering, US sales, and service. 
  • Veterinarian level results. 
  • Correlated to a Immulite 1000
  • Know exactly when to breed! Timing chart and reverse progesterone chart included.
  • 2-year replacement warranty
  • Free (10) progesterone test kit!

Vet-level testing is now available to breeders small and large here at! 

"We are thrilled to be able to offer such a quality machine at this price." -Joe Decker, CEO

The V200 can process up to 4 samples per hour, 15 minutes per test.

Want something faster or need to run more samples, take a look at its bigger brother the V2400 by clicking this link! The V2400 can accept up to 24 test cartridges at a time, and process 70 of them per hour!

*Only available for U.S customers



Included in your V200 (standard) purchase! 

Email and Training portal support when you need it!

The V200 (Standard) includes just enough accessories to begin testing right away!

  • Calibration set
  • Vcheck V200 Analyzer
  • Quick Guide & User Manuel
  • Small preset Pipettes 
  • Micro Centrifuge
  • (200) Centrifuge Cups
  • (5) 3ml Blood Draw Needles (23 gauge)
(10) kit of Progesterone FREE

v200 bionote

V200 (Full bundle) purchase! 

Exclusive Professional Engineer VIP Support when YOU need it, including Phone, Email, Training Portal, and Chat!

The Highest Quality Full Bundle Kit with Everything you need for easy and precise testing! 

These tools will make you a pro! Lab Level testing equipment makes it so easy and fast!

v200 bionote bundle

The Full Bundle includes everything you will need to get started:

Exclusive Professional Engineer VIP Support when YOU need it, including Phone, Email, Training Portal, and Chat!

  • (2) 20-200ul Pipettors, Japanese-Research Grade (includes 96 tips)
  • Vortex Mixer, Adjustable speed (professional sample mixing) *subject to substitution of equal or lesser value
  • Microcentrifuge, battery-powered, Japanese, single-speed, auto shut off, quick 6-minute spin
  • Uninterrupted power supply (keeps your analyzer running when you lose power and protects from electrical issues)
  • Custom 3D Printed Buffer/Serum Holders
  • Disposable Transfer Pipettes (Easy way to transfer Serum)
  • (200) centrifuge cups
  • (5) Vacutainer blood draw kits
  • (10)  3ml Blood draw needles (23 gauge)
  • (1) Roll Printer Paper
  • Vcheck V200 Analyzer
  • 4-Position Vacutainer Holder
  • Calibration Set
  • Startup Guide & Manuel

 10 test kit of Progesterone FREE 

Video: Running a Progesterone Test (V200 Standard).

So Easy to Run a sample! Take a quick look! Imagine the Time and Money You will Save and Profit! Testing is shown using the base unit, not the bundle.

Full-color Progesterone Timing Chart for the V200!

Added Value Testing. T4, Cortisol, and More!

The V200 offers you Clinical Level Canine Progesterone along with many other important health screening tests all in one analyzer! Other health screening tests available (not included in your purchase) are listed below. All Easy to Run for a fraction of testing at your outside lab!

  • 10 Test Progesterone Kit FREE with Your purchase!
  • Cortisol
  • T4 (Thyroid)
  • TSH
  • fPL 2.0 (Pancreatitis)
  • fSAA 2.0 (Cats)
  • D-dimer
  • NT-proBNP (Canine or Feline)
  • cCRP (Inflammation)

    After testing your girl's progesterone for the best time to breed, the V200 will print out all the information for your dog's test, including printed reference ranges that tell you where in the process she is. The V200 Bionote is correlated to the gold standard Immulite 1000. Easy to use, with Superior Korean Engineering! 

    Your V200 is Easy to use and so Profitable! You can order your V200 as a standard start-up system or with the Pro Signature Bundle. Just use the V200 Option dropdown to order your system with the startup kit that best fits your needs.

    FREE Progesterone 10 Test Kit

    You will receive a FREE 10 test Progesterone kit with your order!

    Testing Time
    15 minutes (Progesterone)
    Power Source
    AC/DC Adaptor (12V)
    Touchscreen 7" Colour TFT
    200 x 240 x 205 mm
    Built-in printer
    LIS/HIS Connectivity
    HL7 v2.6 (PCD-01) POCT 1-A
    Sample Required
    Serum or Plasma (Heparin)
    Special Feature
    Auto hand-note recognition of patient's name

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Devonta Cox (Murfreesboro, US)

    Wow..when I purchased this item I was not expecting it to be so accurate and point on..but it very happy with this product and if I had to do it all over again I would..thanks..

    Melissa Chapel (Evans, US)
    Very Accurate

    Love this machine! I’m a new user and after watching the videos I had no problems, very accurate. I’m excited to try reverse progesterone as well, and this will save me so much money especially since the vet just increased prices.

    Ida (Morganville, US)

    After going back and forth to the vet to get PG testing, which is 40 mins away and hitting traffic to make the appointment. Is very stressful for me and my dog. To alleviate some of the stress I did my research and with the help from my of the technical at Canine P4, I decided to purchase the V200 Bionote. Very easy to use. Canine P4 also supply you with instructional video's and support from their team. very happy with my purchase.

    Lynn Haynes (Brighton, US)

    this machine saved my last 2 breedings and being as technologically challenged as i am it was amazing

    Pablo Mendez (Calumet City, US)
    Super easy to use walks you through

    I've now had the machine for about 2 months used up the 10 test it brings now ordering a second let me tell you this machine is amazing you can't go wrong it walks you through the whole process results are quick only 14mins thanks canine p4 love it 💪🏽💯