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iSperm Dog Semen Analysis
iSperm for dogs
iSperm for dogs
iSperm for dogs
iSperm for dogs
iSperm for dogs
iSperm for dogs

iSperm Portable Semen Analysis System

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iSperm Portable Semen Analysis System

iSperm 6 is now available for preorder!

Care Credit Financing Available! Email us at Support@K9P4Go.com

iSperm for Dogs! The First Mobile Smart Semen Analyzer for Dogs. iSperm comes completely set up for you (when purchased with the new iPad)! Everything you need including the software, new iPad, a long list of support items (see list below for details)!

Not just for Dogs ask us about the list of other animals the iSperm will support!!

iSperm Analyzing Sperm health can help maximize litter size, and minimize missed litters. The iSperm is the home system you've been waiting for..

  • Simple to use (Training Included)

  • Accurate (Tested against popular desktop systems)

  • Portable ( Fits in a small briefcase)

  • Easy to use (Built on IOS software)

  • Affordable ( much cheaper than the leading desktop systems)

The iSperm system bundles (iSperm kit without iPad excluded) come fully set up and ready to go, simply log into your apple account, create an Aidmics iSperm account, read the training materials and you're ready to test! 


Requires an iPad Mini 5 2019 for use.


* The iSperm 6 will be available in May 2022. Please contact us with any questions. 


The iSperm System Includes:

- Fully Set Up with optical alignment performed

- New iPad mini 5

- Access to comprehensive training videos

- iSperm Briefcase

- Sample Collector

- Heater and cable

- 50 sample chipsets (base and cover)

- Droppers

- Manual

- Ipad Stand

- Air Blower

- Hex Wrench

- Serial Number Card

- LR44 Batteries

-Pipettor and tips 7.5uL

Reorder sample chips here!

Add a printer:

Pre-setup printer for use on your iPad. Print color results of the still photo of the sperm and the concentration measurements. Just turn on, run a sample, and print your results from the gallery.

Ship out your samples with proof of healthy sperm!

Check out our MiniTube CaniPlus sperm extender offerings, sold separately! 

Watch the Video!


iSperm is the first mini/mobile computer-assisted sperm analyzer (mCASA).

It offers readings of concentration, total motility, progressive motility, and sperm kinetics.

You can also clearly understand the behaviors of the sperm through the labeled sperm tracks.

Capable of analyzing semen qualities for various species, iSperm mCASA helps customers monitor the fertility of economic, companion, and endangered animals.

 Accurate Semen Analyzer in Your Briefcase

Is traveling between the lab and the field a routine for you? iSperm mCASA brings you the highest mobility and flexibility.

With the weight of a laptop and the size of a briefcase, iSperm mCASA is a portable and professional semen analyzer.

You can now perform rapid screening in the field, and work on sophisticated examinations in the lab.

Visualizing Sperm Movements

A moving sperm doesn’t guarantee its fertility. iSperm mCASA labels sperms in various colors based on their swimming tracks.

Advanced sperm kinetics such as velocity and straightness are also calculated automatically.

You can now clearly see the movement of every single sperm, and cross-reference with your evaluation.

Keep Data Now & Get Insights in the Future

In a breeding management program, data are always the most important source to get insights. It’s not just about checking the current status of the fertility of a male animal. It’s about a long-term effort to deal with male reproductive issues.

Why Perform Semen Analysis?

Canine semen analysis can be performed for a wide range of reasons. For medical purposes, it can be used to diagnose issues with the prostate gland or overall health. For dog breeders, semen samples can be analyzed to discover and investigate a wide range of factors affecting canine fertility.

Semen quality can be evaluated to ascertain a male dog’s fertility, for the purposes of identifying his viability as a semen donor for the purposes of artificial insemination. Semen analysis also gives breeders metrical insights into the concentration and total motility to ensure that they are using the highest-quality semen to ensure larger, healthier litters.


Be a professional. Master the iSperm using the training portal. Have questions or need some additional help? Send us an email at support@k9p4go.com

What This iSperm Analyzer Shows You

This iSperm analyzer can be easily used to complete accurate semen analyses at home, giving you metrical insights into the following areas of sperm quality.

  • Concentration (million/ml): This gives the total concentration of sperm cells in a sample, and is a relative assessment of the potency of the semen.
  • Sperm Motility (%): Sperm motility, given as a percent of the sample, indicates how many of the sperm are moving. Not all sperm move, and even those that are motile are effective, so the analysis also applies the following parameters.
    • Motility parameters
    • Curvilinear velocity (VCL - μm/s): Curvilinear velocity refers to how many of the sperm are moving but in more or less a circular pattern. It is not a desirable form of motility.
    • Straight-line velocity (VSL -μm/s): This gives the number of sperm that are motile and move along a straight line. It is the most desirable form of motility.
    • Time average velocity (VAP -μm/s): This refers to how quickly the sperm in a given sample moves over time.
    • Straightness (STR -%): This gives an indication of the percentage of sperm in a sample that travels in a straight line.
    • Linearity (LIN - %): This also gives the number of sperm that follow a line as a percentage of the sample.
    • See the tracks: This iSperm analyzer allows you to actually see the paths of sperm in a sample that you’ve just analyzed.
  • Progressive Motility (%): Some sperm move but don’t get anywhere. Progressive motility measures what total portion of the sperm in a sample makes progress.
  • Abnormality (%): Some sperm samples present abnormal or deformed sperm, which adversely affects the quality of a sample.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Aubrie Gill (Shelbyville, US)
Great purchase

It’s a great machine! It’s a little difficult getting the eye of the camera lens where it needed to be but with a little time I got it. Will be using a lot for my breeding program!!!!

Vernor Warr (Peoria, US)

It was at my door step the next day

Valerie Mitchem (Colbert, US)
Excellent Resource for Stud Owners

As a breeder offering stud service with a variety of boys (I have ten studs), this is AMAZING for me. I can perform a semen analysis with every shipment and that makes my buyers happy. Moreover, the tracking and cloud based system is perfect for monitoring my boy's health. I highly recommend to any program looking to up their stud business.

Ashlie (Ogden, US)
Love it!

Such a great tool for our breeding program! We are very impressed with our purchase.

Yasmeen Vargas (Jacksonville, US)
Great breeding tool

This can back the confidence you have in your stud and help you track your stud's sperm concentration, motility, and abnormalities. It's so easy to use. It's a must have!