Progesterone Test for Dogs.

Progesterone Testing for your dogs

Progesterone Test for Dogs.

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Progesterone test for dogs is the best way to time your dogs breeding. Good day everyone! Well, I would bet that if you are reading this blog you are likely a Dog Breeder, or work in a dog-related field. Progesterone test for dogs has become a very big business! Wow, I am amazed at all the wonderful breeds of dogs that are now available to dog lovers looking for that very special puppy! Special Breeds are in high demand! How about progesterone tests for dogs as low as $9 each!! Keep reading to find out more or call us at 844-673-7378

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Progesterone testing for dogs

As a Dog Breeders, you know that to make the breeding process cost-effective, and easier for the dogs you need to know just when to breed or inseminate. Getting the exact timing of the bitches ovulation is paramount. Progesterone levels in the dog are the key to this timing! The Challenge is how to get an accurate progesterone level for your dog in a timely and cost-effective manner! How do you get the best, most accurate, Progesterone Level test for your dog?

Veterinary Test Lab Visit! How it works!

Step One
You get your dogs ready to transport in your car to the closest veterinary test lab to your location. (Average trip two hours)

Step Two
You wait for the veterinary tech to draw your dog's blood, spin it down, then run the testing. (Average wait time one hour)

Step Three
You wait for the test results and hope you got the timing right! You drive back home to do it all again! (Average wait time two hours)

Step Four
After returning home with the Progesterone test levels of your dog. If you are early you come back and do it again! Ouch!

What are your trips to the Vet lab really costing you?

Here are some of the harsh realities that go with this method of testing. In many cases, you are using up to 3 hours of your time to get to the vet lab and back. What most of us forget is that as professionals our time has a price tag attached to it even if we think our time is free to us. What productive work could you be doing to move your business forward with the three hours you just spent getting your canine Progesterone testing levels? If you attach an hourly rate of $55 for your time you just spent $165. The cost of the test seems to average about $80 from the pricing we see across the country. With that cost, you are at $245 for the trip. If we dare to include the cost of using our vehicle at the IRS rate of 58 cents per mile, and you should! Then with an average distance of 80 miles traveled your cost to use your vehicle is $46.40. That cost increases your investment in your dog’s progesterone testing to $291.40! That final price is only good if you hit the timing right. In our experience, many breeders can test up to 3 or 4 times before they hit the optimal progesterone levels in their dog! In that case, you just multiply the $291.40 times the number of trips it took. Ouch! There has got to be a better way! Check out the real-life case study video to the right for more details!

Case Study: What it really costs!

I just spoke to a dog breeder that is paying $135.00 a test, drawing the blood, preparing the serum, transporting the serum to the Vet (60 miles one way) waiting 45 mins for the results and hoping she can breed in time! We have a better way! Come check out the new Quick Scan 1000, results in 15 mins in the comfort of your own home! Have a great day

Progesterone testing for your dog at home!

Quick Scan 1000

How much time would this baby save you each and every time you need Professional in-home canine progesterone testing for your dogs! Results in 15 minutes, Easy to use! Test kits have a 2-year expiration and they don't need refrigeration! Wow, now you can't beat that! 


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