Collection: Progesterone Machines for Veterinarians

CanineP4 has designated the Canine Progesterone testing systems listed on this page as Veterinary level systems that can help you test in the full range of progesterone testing. Reverse, Surgical Timing, TCI, Ovulation detection, and the best Fertility Timing!

To qualify for this page the progesterone testing systems are required to meet or exceed the following requirements:

  1. Each system is correlated using canine serum tests to the immulite 1000, the reference method.
    1. Correlation refers to the statistical relationship between the immulite 1000 (reference method) and the system it is being tested. It measures the extent to which the two systems are linearly related to each other. The more linear the system being tested is to the immulite the higher the R2 value will be stated in a percentage. The more the system is linear with the immulite 1000 from 0 to the given top range of the system being tested then the R2 number resulting from the test will be close to 100%.
    2. An analyzer is required to have an R2 value of 85% or higher to be presented on this page. This will ensure that the full range of possible testing will give you values that are accurate and precise. This will Allow for accurate testing when doing reverse, surgical timing, LH surge detection, ovulation, and fertile range determination. Units with lower R2 numbers will not be linear across the full range from 0 to the high range of the unit. The linear mismatch may be on the low, mid, or high ranges and it can also have trouble in more than one range.
    3. Also, keep in mind no two systems will read within the same ranges (numbers). All systems and manufacturers have their measurement technology and set ranges.
    4. CanineP4 provides reading charts that use correlation data to provide charts that work for each system based on the data.
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