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Toxoplasmosis Test Kit
Toxoplasmosis Test Kit (10ct)

Toxoplasmosis Test Kit

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Toxoplasmosis Test Kit Dog and Cat.

Canine Toxoplasma Gondii Antigen Rapid Test Kit for Dogs and Cats are Easy to use, Fast, Accurate, Inexpensive, and Reliable! Get peace of mind knowing that your Dog(s) are clean or get proactive with treatment if they are not! So easy to do!


Same-Day Shipping (order by 1 PM CS) Your shipment is Tracked, Monitored, and Insured! Available in 1, 2, and 10 counts! With Professional full-time Support Technicians available! Phone, Email, and Chat!


Easy testing for less when you buy the 10 count in bulk! 

Make sure to select "10 tests" under the Quantity drop down. 

  • Save 8% when you buy (2) two
  • Save 12% when you buy (3) three
  • Save 15% when you buy (4) four or more

Interpretation of the test is straightforward and is described in the additional tabs provided. No analyzer is required. 


This test is a fecal test and does not require blood.

A mechanical pipettor is recommended but not required.

  • No refrigeration is required, AND 12-month shelf life!
  • Rapid, early results. Reliable results in 8-10 minutes, you will get immediate test results. 
  • Easy to interpret. Simple to understand results with no complex interpretation needed.
  • Now available in 1, 2, and 10 counts!


What is canine toxoplasma?
  •  Canine toxoplasmosis infection is caused by the parasite Toxoplasma gondii and can be picked up through ingestion of cat feces or rolling in infected dirt. Dogs with compromised immune systems or young puppies with developing immune systems are most prone to infection. Cats are the primary host and can pass the infection on to dogs. Symptoms include neurological symptoms including seizures and tremors, depression, muscle weakness and lethargy, and various levels of paralysis.                                                                           
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How do these simple tests work?

Toxoplasma antigen Rapid Test is based on sandwich lateral flow immunochromatographic assay. The test device has a testing window, with an invisible T (test) zone and C (control) zone. When the sample is applied into the sample hole on the device, the liquid will laterally flow through the surface of the test strip. If there is enough toxoplasma antigen in the sample, a visible T band will appear. The C band should always appear after a sample is applied, indicating a valid result. See diagram at bottom of the page. 

Test Procedure

Using the provided cotton swab, thoroughly coat the swab in feces from the animal’s anus or from recent excrement 

• Insert the swab into the assay buffer tube to mix the fecal sample with the buffer 

• Rotate the swab and lift up and down inside the liquid to release the sample 

• Remove swab and discard. Place cap back on buffer tube and mix by gentle inversion. 

• Remove the test cartridge from the foil and place it on the table horizontally 

• With the provided disposable pipette, add 3 drops of the mixture to the sample hole marked “S” or 75uL via a mechanical pipette 

• Wait 10 minutes and then interpret the C and T lines. 

• If positive, consult with your vet for further testing and treatment 

Toxoplasmosis Interpretation

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Tonya Hampton (Lincoln Park, US)
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Ordering is very easy and my product came with a couple of days!